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My Experience At Luke And Laura Day At Super Soap Weekend

For the past 6 years I have attended ABC’s Super Soap Weekend and have always had a great time but this year Disney outdid themselves by making a day for that “Supercouple” Luke and Laura. I took the day off from work just for this special event. I arrived on Friday for Luke and Laura Day to find thousands of people already lined up to get in by 7:00 a.m. and the doors didn’t open until 9:00 a.m.! My first fan encounter was with two ladies dressed as “Laura’s bridesmaids.” One thing I love about soap fans is our dedication to the genre. We know our characters, our storylines and we are serious about them. I made my way to the “Hat Stage” where all the day’s festivities were taking place. At 11:00 a.m. it started with Tristan Rogers doing trivia questions with the audience. Tristan was so much fun, some of the questions were pretty easy and Tristan quipped, “Hey even I know the answer to that one.” He came back again at 1:30 p.m. and told us some great stories about the old GH days and working with Tony Geary. He had all of us in stitches — the fans love Tristan Rogers!. There was a two-hour wait between events and the fans were having their own events. People were camped at the stage since the early morning hours and they were keeping themselves busy by introducing themselves to each other and talking soaps. People had brought scrapbooks and photo albums to share with each other. It was really fun to meet new people while everyone was waiting for the main event, Luke and Laura. There also was the line at the store for merchandise, fans talking and waiting patiently for their turn to buy such items as the Luke and Laura lunchbox, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Genie Francis and Tony Geary arrived by motorcade up to the stage. The streets were lined with thousands of people. I was lucky enough to have a great view in the front of the stage. Genie walked up on the stage to greet Laura Wright (Carly), who was the hostess for the event, and the audience response to her was thunderous! They were screaming, yelling and waving signs for Genie! The overwhelming emotion of the moment took over and as Genie Francis was standing there looking at out at us she started to cry! It was a touching moment for Genie and for the fans who have waited a long time to see her back on GH. Tony arrived to lots of cheers and this fan was mesmerized ( I am a huge Geary fan and I have a fan website for Tony). They did a Q&A with the fans and we all had a wonderful time reminiscing about the good old days. I believe Gloria Monty was watching over the whole event with a smile on her face! During the Q&A I had the honor of presenting scrapbooks of messages from the fans to Tony and Genie! It was a surreal moment in time for me and I will never forget it. I would have never imagined that anything like that would happen to a regular fan like me! After that my weekend was like a dream. I met two young guys who came all the way from Italy for the event and they gave Tony Geary DVD’s of GENERAL HOSPITAL episodes in Italian. I was thinking how funny that would sound! There were several newlywed couples dressed in Mickey Mouse bride and groom ears to celebrate the wedding of Luke and Laura, and women dressed like doctors wearing GH scrubs. I met so many fans from all over the world who had the same love of Luke and Laura! I will go back to Super Soap Weekend next year but I can’t imagine anything being any bigger than this year’s Luke and Laura Day for me! Thanks for the memories Tony and Genie, Disney and most of all — my fellow fans.Vicky Sullivan
Sarasota, FL

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