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Mother's Day: Y&R

In honor of Mother’s Day, Y&R faves dish about their most important off-screen role

I Hope That My Child/Children Think I Am:
Maitland: “Brave, resilient and kind.”
Stafford: “The greatest ever!”
Walters: “A good role model of what it means to be not only a mother, but a partner, a woman and a friend.”

My Kid(s) Would Describe Me As:
Maitland: “A little too chatty.”
Stafford: “Busy.”
Walters: “High energy.”

Best Thing About Motherhood:
Maitland: “Watching my amazing daughter blossom and fly into her future.”
Stafford: “Knowing I’ll always have these incredible human beings in my life.”
Walters: “Seeing the amazing, kind, compassionate women that my daughters have become, and additionally, with great careers.”

Most Challenging Thing About Motherhood:
Maitland: “Learning to live a life of example; children are always watching and listening.”
Stafford: “Because I’m a single parent, everything!”
Walters: “Trying to maintain the balance of being a good role model as a caretaker and a partner, in addition to being someone with a career. And, of course, the worry! I always worry about them!”

Favorite Mother/Child Activity:
Maitland: “Quilting
and shopping for quilt supplies.”
Stafford: “Take them for a treat like yogurt after I pick them up from school and hang out.”
Walters: “Spending time with my beautiful granddaughter, Nora, and her mother, Grace, and her Aunt Savannah.”

Ideal Mother’s Day itinerary:
Maitland: “Coffee time, daughter time, eat something maybe, more daughter time.”
Stafford: “We celebrate with my mother and sister, too, by going out to brunch.”
Walters: “To be with both my daughters and my granddaughter, in the same place at the same time, and to go for a hike with the baby backpack or a bike with the baby buggy.”

Ideal Mother’s Day Gift:
Maitland: “Something handmade by my child.”
Stafford: “Anything handmade.”
Walters: “A big chocolate chip cookie after the above.”

Favorite TV Mom:
Maitland: “Marla Adams [ex-Dina].”
Stafford: “Carol Brady. Shirley Partridge was really cool, too.”
Walters: “When it comes to moms of supernatural children on TV, I’ve done all right! On VAMPIRE DIARIES I had a werewolf son; on STAR-CROSSED, I had an alien son and daughter; on THE FLASH I have a superpower daughter; and on TEEN WOLF I was the mother of a banshee!”

My Special Mom Skill:
Maitland: “Listening.”
Stafford: “Whenever they get hurt, I have the magical power to take the pain away.”
Walters: “I’m a really good multitasker and organizer, and an all-around pretty good cheerleader!”

I Embarrass My Kid When I:
Maitland: “Cry at her concerts. She’s a classical musician, and I do it a lot.”
Stafford: “Dance or get mad at them in public.”
Walters: “Lose my mind during a Georgia football game.”

Word That Best Describes Motherhood:
Maitland: “Circumnavigation.”
Stafford: “Challenging.”
Walters: “All-encompassing.”