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Mother's Day: Days of our Lives

In honor of Mother’s Day, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Stacy Haiduk (Kristen) and Laurn Koslow (Kate) dish about their most important off-screen role

I Hope That My Child/Children Think I Am:
Bjorlin: “Fun, trustworthy and safe.”
Haiduk: “Always there for her no matter what. That I believe in her journey because she is and always will be so special to me.”
Koslow: “Forever and always grateful to be a mama to my beautiful blended family.”

My Kid Would Describe Me As:
Bjorlin: “According to my son Torin when asked this question, ‘A silly monkey!’ ”
Haiduk: “Her mother, friend, someone she can trust, always!”
Koslow: “The most perfect, magical, timeless, wild, loving human on the planet. This description came directly from my daughter’s Instagram. LOL. Only mothers and daughters communicate like this!”

Best Thing About Motherhood:
Bjorlin: “Experiencing love I never thought was possible.”
Haiduk: “For me, it’s 
loving someone more than anything you can imagine.”
Koslow: “Motherhood changes everything in a most unexpected and magical way that puts everything into perspective.”

Most Challenging Thing About Motherhood:
Bjorlin: “Worrying about everything.”
Haiduk: “Letting your child make their own 
Koslow: “The responsibility of raising responsible, compassionate, ethical, loving human beings.”

Favorite Mother/Child Activity:
Bjorlin: “Arts and crafts activities, especially around holidays.”
Haiduk: “I love to do everything with my daughter, but some of my favorite moments are just dancing with her around the house and working out with her. We are both super-supportive of each other and love hanging out with one another.”
Koslow: “Horseback riding, hiking, hanging out, sipping piña coladas poolside.”

Ideal Mother’s Day Itinerary:
Bjorlin: “Leave me alone. Kidding … kinda … not really.”
Haiduk: “Would be no itinerary. I like to see where the day takes me.”
Koslow: “A weekend getaway.”

Ideal Mother’s Day Gift:
Bjorlin: “Anything my children make — drawings, cards, etc.”
Haiduk: “A massage! I just want to chill and relax.”
Koslow: “Time with my children is always the best gift.”

Favorite TV Mom:
Bjorlin: “My own TV mom, Patrika Darbo [ex-Nancy]. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to know my entire adult life in this industry, and I’ve always been grateful for her generosity and kindness.”
Haiduk: “Probably Claire from MODERN FAMILY.”
Koslow: “Morticia [from] THE ADDAMS FAMILY.”

My Special Mom Skill:
Bjorlin: “Not sure it qualifies as ‘special’, but I love having singing and dance parties with my kiddos.”
Haiduk: “I love my child through everything. No matter what.”
Koslow: “Patience and perseverance.”

I Embarrass My Kid When I:
Bjorlin: “Well … thankfully we’re not at that stage yet.”
Haiduk: “Sing and dance down the aisles at the grocery store.”
Koslow: “When I answer questions like this, so that makes it almost never! We’re a pretty chill family.”

Word(s) That Best Describes Motherhood:
Bjorlin: “Unconditional love.”
Haiduk: “Love, love and more love.”
Koslow: “Golden.”