Wright thompson

Outstanding Lead Actor contender Jason Thompson (Patrick) was delighted that GH led the nominations pack. "It was a fantastic showing for GH! We had a great year and I think it shows. Obviously, I’m biased, but I see the amount of work that goes into the show and I think it’s well-deserved. I’m happy." He submitted the episode where Robin tells Patrick that she's leaving Port Charles. "I always ask myself, ‘Okay, am I proud of this, whatever happens?’ I want to just be proud of the work that I do. 'Watching it again knowing that it’s me doing it, do I still feel what’s happening here? Do I convey the story? Do I get across that these two people are in difficult circumstances?' " He's getting excited for Emmy night, noting, "The fact that we have a new home on the POP network, where it feels like it’s going to be a little more together and organized, a little more representative of how it should be, and celebrated in the way that it should be, I’m really looking forward to. It’s going to be a good time!I always love running into people and saying hi to friends that you see only once or maybe twice a year, to get everybody around to celebrate daytime in that way. It is a competition to a certain extent, but I’ve always kind of felt that we need to continue to support each other. There are only four of us left. Everybody wants to win, but it’s all kind of fine and dandy whoever ends up winning. It’s just important that we continue to support daytime television."


Lead Actress nominee Laura Wright (Carly) is still on a high from getting her good news, saying, "It’s just fun! On the day of, my husband picked me up for lunch with his parents so we all went and had Standing Sun wine at lunch and I met my girlfriends for a drink and dinner last night and then tonight I’m going to dinner with my daughter and I’m meeting three of our friends for champagne and then tomorrow night, I’m doing another celebration with another group of friends, so it’s just non-stop! It's just exciting to be nominated! We didn’t have a showing at all in Lead Actress for two years. That was just a disappointment in general for the show, for the cast, because we are a very close cast and really support each other. I was bummed that Finola [Hughes, Anna] wasn't nominated moreso than myself because I love her work and she works so hard. But now, here are we are, with Fin and me and Maura [West, Ava] and Lisa [LoCiCero, Olivia]. It's great!"


First-time nominee Haley Pullos (Molly, who is up for Younger Actress) beams, "I’m looking forward to knowing what it feels like to be a nominee. There are so many different events and things before the Emmys and everyone has to figure out if you’re a nominee or just a guest, and I’ll actually be one of the nominees! Last year, I didn’t even get a prenomination and I was so upset. I didn’t really let myself think about it too much, but I was upset the day of. I told myself, ‘Haley, you’re being silly. It’ll happen when it’s time for it to happen.’ And apparently, it was time for it to happen!" Her leading man, Tequan Richmond (TJ), a Younger Actor nominee, says, "It was such a great feeling to tell my mom that I was nominated. It’s only my mom and me out here and she drove across country with me to make this happen 15, 14 years ago." To mark the occasion, "I went out with my mom and my girlfriend. We celebrated all night!"