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Midweek Madness: Soaps' Craziest Characters

Episode # 12307
Brianna Brown "General Hospital" Set The Prospect Studios ABC Studios Los Angeles 04/11/11 ©sean smith/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12307 U.S.Airdate 05/17/11 Credit: JPI

Lisa Niles, GH

GH’s Dr. Lisa Niles was a troubled soul. A talented orthopedic surgeon, Lisa came to Port Charles in 2009 to work at the hospital and reconnected with her ex, Patrick Drake, who was married to Robin Scorpio. At first, Lisa got along great with Robin, but it soon became clear that Lisa had some unresolved feelings for her former flame. One night, while Robin was away, Patrick and Lisa had a one-night stand that would come back to haunt everyone involved.

After her tryst with Patrick, Lisa became obsessed with him, Fatal Attraction style. After hinting to Robin that something happened between her and Patrick, Lisa started gaslighting her. She tampered with Robin’s HIV medication, ruined a toy that belonged to baby Emma, and even took Emma out for ice cream without telling Patrick or Robin, prompting them to panic. Lisa’s behavior finally forced Patrick to admit to Robin that he’d slept with the increasingly unhinged doctor, shattering their marriage.

Despite Patrick’s insistence that they would never be together, Lisa continued to torment him and Robin, causing friction at the hospital. Once, while Robin was in the hospital, Lisa tried to inject her IV bag with sodium pentothal but got caught, so she ran and ended up leaving Johnny Zacchara with the syringe. She and Johnny began an affair, with Johnny keeping the syringe as possible leverage over Lisa should he need it. Johnny tried to help Lisa get over Patrick, but she couldn’t let go of her fantasy of a life with him.

Lisa was eventually arrested for her continued and escalating crimes against Patrick and Robin, but escaped and came to G.H. bent on revenge. After holding hostage everyone who crossed her, Lisa attempted to inject Robin with drain cleaner, but was stuck with the syringe herself and rendered comatose. 

Months later, in October, 2011, Lisa woke up from her coma and immediately went on the warpath. She found Patrick, Robin, Matt and Elizabeth on a nighttime cruise and attacked everyone. After trying to inject Patrick with HIV (!), Lisa was found dead. Matt turned out to be the culprit.