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Mays of our Lives - Y&R

Calendar Guy: Devon Hamilton

2005: On his first Mother’s Day with the Winters family, Devon presented Drucilla with a poem.

2006: After witnessing a Neil/Dru spat, Devon voiced his concern that his parents were heading for divorce. Devon graduated from high school with honors.

2007: Neil named Devon as the point person for Newman’s fall ad campaign.

2008: Lily and Devon moved Chloe into their place and he clashed with his new roomie.

2009: Devon’s aunt, Virginia, visited and revealed that Devon was not biologically related to Tyra. Devon was unhappy when Tyra began dating Neil.

2010: Devon asked Malcolm to help him explain to Neil why he didn’t want to take a desk job after finishing college. Neil had a bad reaction to Devon taking a job with Malcolm.

2011: Devon suspected that Lily had renewed her relationship with Daniel and accused her of disrespecting the “late” Cane’s memory.

2012: Neil confided in Devon that he had feelings for Devon’s biological mother, Harmony. Devon was crushed when Abby divulged to him that Harmony had slept with Tucker (Devon’s bio dad, who was married to Ashley). He denounced both of them.

2013: Devon was tempted by a job offer in London from Tucker, but didn’t want to disappoint Neil by quitting Jabot. Neil encouraged Devon to do what would make him happy, and Devon decided to stay put.

2014: Devon made plans to move into the GCAC’s penthouse suite. Devon all but blew a gasket when he discovered that Neil had taken Hilary as a lover. After Devon ended his relationship with Esmerelda, Lily suggested that he seduce Hilary to break up her relationship with their dad.

2015: Hilary and Devon made love and broke the news of their reunion to Neil. Lily blasted her brother for getting involved with Hilary again.

2016: Devon, now married to Hilary, confronted his wife about blackmailing Neil (who had kidnapped her).

2017: Single again, Devon had sex with Mariah. Devon and Neil struck a deal to purchase Mergeron from Dina. Devon considered signing Tessa to his new label.

2018: Devon agreed to father a child with Hilary and broke up with Simone. Devon and Hilary grew closer.

2019: Widower Devon dated Elena but couldn’t shake his memories (and visions) of Hilary. Devon set a date for the reading of Neil’s will.

2021: Devon, Abby, Mariah and Tessa recorded a video journal for Chance as they prepared to welcome baby Dominic.

Calendar Guy: Kevin Fisher

2004: Kevin nearly died after being beaten by fellow inmates. Neil gave the authorities proof that Kevin was not guilty of electrocuting Brittany.

2005: Kevin reacted well to news of Michael’s engagement to Lauren, who he had fancied. Kevin was friend-zoned by Mackenzie.

2006: Kevin declared his love to Mac, who was set on leaving town. Mac gave him sole control of Crimson Lights.

2007: Kevin cyber-spied on Jill and Ji Min, and warned his mom, Gloria, to step carefully with Will, who was searching for the person responsible for Jabot’s tainted face cream (Gloria herself).

2008: Kevin tried to block the publication of a book that could spell trouble for Jana, and caught Gloria in bed with Alistair.

2009: The governor granted amnesty to bank-robbing Kevin; he and Jana celebrated.

2010: Kevin fretted when Jana woke up from brain surgery with an altered personality.

2011: Jana held Kevin hostage and tried to force him to fall back in love with her. Jana died, and Kevin was a suspect. Kevin was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.

2012: Kevin tried to block Gloria from hiring Carmine at Gloworm and supported Daniel’s decision to marry Daisy for the sake of his baby.

2013: Chloe was arrested when she was caught with stolen merchandise Kevin had stashed at Crimson Lights. He took responsibility and Chloe was released, but was livid with Kevin. He was tempted to steal again.

2014: Billy sought Kevin’s help to uncover Stitch’s secrets. Kevin persuaded Chloe, who had stolen Billy’s sperm, to get psychological help.

2015: Kevin investigated the murders of Courtney and Austin; he and Mariah found evidence suggesting that Tobias was the culprit, but Kevin correctly sensed that Tobias had been framed.

2016: Mariah kissed Kevin after spying him smooching Natalie.

2017: Kevin informed Gloria that he is Bella’s biological father. Kevin was devastated by Chloe’s apparent suicide.

2018-19: Kevin lived a quiet life in off-camera Portland with Bella and a secretly alive Chloe.

2021: Now back in Genoa City, Kevin reeled when Chloe confessed to him that she had accidentally assisted Chelsea in poisoning Rey and framing Adam.