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Matthew Atkinson Shares His First Impressions

Krista Allen (Taylor): “Krista is a firecracker. I’ve known some people very much like her and this is where we connected right away: We both love comedy and we both love fun. It makes our jobs so easy because we don’t have to create this relationship on screen; it’s already there.”

Scott Clifton (Liam): “I knew coming in that he was a good guy. Scott is one where you can be antagonistic on screen and they yell, ‘Cut,’ and then it’s back to the real world. We joke around a lot. We’ve hung out together outside the studio, and we have a lot of common interests.”

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge): “My first two days on the set was me giving a bunch of speeches in front of the entire family, so there was so much stimuli happening. I walked into this room and they introduced me to everyone and it was hard because you can’t remember all their names all at once. There was just so much happening, but I do remember when Thorsten and I had [dialogue] together — I don’t know if he’s like this with everyone or [it was] just because I was playing his son on the show — but he was so willing to answer questions or offer me guidance. It was very nice knowing that he was willing to do that. It felt like I was in a safe environment to play, especially working with him.”

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke): “My first impression of her was that she was sweet and soft-spoken, and very kind. She was so easy to like. She’s a person everyone loves because she is so effortlessly easy to be around. A bunch of us actually went on a ski trip together. She’s a great peer. I love Kelly to death.”

John McCook (Eric): “He is such a sweet man. He was so looped into the first scene that I had, and he was so welcoming. Anytime I see him, we always hug each other, and he was always affectionate 
and loving from the get-go. He’s a great hugger.”

Annika Noelle (Hope): “She is such an emotionally driven person. In my first couple of weeks, we had so many scenes and she was so easy to get along with. I think we felt a good connection from the get-go. It felt like we were both in the trenches and trying to make it work. I just remember us being there to help each other and vibe off each other and answer questions for each other. That was probably the easiest transition, especially after having all these massive speeches in front of everyone. Most of my scenes were with her and it was so easy to go into a day and go, ‘Yeah, we have 60 pages to shoot today and it’s just Annika and me, but the good news is, it’s just Annika and me.’ ”

Tanner Novlan (Finn): “I knew from the beginning Tanner was just a nice dude. He’s a cool guy. He’s easy to be around. He’s easy to talk to. Here’s a funny story. It may have been his first day on set. We both live in the same area and we were both going in the same direction at the same time, and he honked at me on the way to work. It was because the light turned green and I was paying attention, but the cars in front of me weren’t moving and Tanner was stressed out. He was not going to make it on time to work. I was like, ‘Who’s honking behind me?’ I pulled onto the lot [at CBS] and parked in my spot and two minutes later, I saw that car. It was the same model, the same color, and it was Tanner’s. Later in the day, we were both running lines with Jacqui [MacInnes Wood, Steffy] and I had to bring it up. When I asked him if he remembered honking at someone at a stoplight, he said, ‘Yeah….,’ and I said, ‘That was me.’ It was the greatest moment!”

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter): “Lawrence and I became really good friends from the start, and we always are looking forward to scenes we have together. Lawrence actually writes for the show so he wears two hats and we will always sit down and talk writing, but we are always looking forward to having scenes together.”

Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas): “Meeting Henry, I got to be as much of a kid as he is between takes and then as soon as they say, ‘Action,’ I put on this other person. I think we’ve developed this wonderful loving relationship. He calls me dad because I’m his TV dad. Maybe 20 years from now, if he is some star actor in a major franchise, I’m sure he’ll be like, ‘He’s my TV dad!’ ”

Diamond White (Paris): “How do I describe Diamond? Meeting her, I knew she was young and cute and fun and sassy, and we enjoy being around each other. She is such an incredibly sweet person. I’ve loved watching her character grow and what she has done with it.”

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy): “It was like we’d known each other forever. Jacqui and I were like kindred spirits. I met her and we just understood each other, and it’s rare to have that connection with someone. She is a very enlightened person. We can look at each other and know exactly where the other is at any moment in time. It’s a really close connection, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”