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Masters Series

Soap Opera Digest: Julian and Eve have gone from lovers to fighters.

Ben Masters: Just after shooting the heavy scenes between Tracey [Ross, Eve] and myself, these four “Evian” fans came to the set. They had purchased this lunch at the fan club luncheon last year. They flew in from Ohio and Alabama, and we had lunch with them at the commissary. We had just gotten off of me calling Tracey “a dirty whore” during a scene and saying that she does her best work on her hands and knees. Tracey and I shared a little bit of what we could without letting the cat out of the bag with the fans. They were like, “What? Oh, no!” All they had seen so far was us having a little spat here and there. But I said, “You better get ready because it’s going to get real ugly.”Digest: It was pretty ugly when Eve caught Julian boinking Valerie in his office.

Masters: My point of view is, of course, a male point of view, but if you look back at all of the things … look at the Valerie thing just for fun … It’s almost understandable the way this man reacted because how many times over the last two or three years has he bent over backwards, offered the other cheek, did all he could to help TC, did all this stuff for her daughters, tried to take her to Paris, asked her to marry him? In real life, if a man and a woman had that relationship, I could almost understand why the guy finally goes, “You know, the hell with it? That’s it! I can’t do this anymore.” She is a confounding woman who knows what her situation is. If you remember back, she’s a woman who carries Rohypnol, the date rape drug, around in her doctor bag. Theresa could get ahold of it. Come on! None of us are perfect.Digest: How did you feel about Fancy and Luis’s porn scene? After all, she is Julian’s daughter.
Masters: I’ve done some really embarrassing things. I’m unembarassable.Digest: Do you ad-lib?
Masters: No, I don’t ad-lib. I do change things sometimes. For instance, Julian was talking to Fox and I was supposed to say, “I will not have my son lose in a competition with an ignorant fisherman,” meaning Miguel. So I changed it to “ignorant fishmonger” because it’s just a weird word. But I follow things pretty closely. That’s why they wrote them.Digest: Julian has uttered some pretty nasty words, like the previously mentioned “whore.” Have you toned any of them down?

Masters: I try not to. It’s not something for me [that is] glaringly ugly [or] racist. I used to say a lot of stuff about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, like, “the Latino lover boy.” But there is not a whole lot that offends me. Digest: Who is in your social circle?
Masters: I really don’t have a social circle. The people at PASSIONS really don’t hang out together. I play golf once in awhile with James Hyde [Sam]. But when I’m at my house in the desert, I’ve got some nice neighbors and we sometimes go play golf or go to a casino and do a little gambling, but I’m not a big social person.Digest: Do your neighbors know what you do for a living?
Masters: Yeah, but they can’t quite put it together. They say, “Oh, we TiVo’d your show and saw you. Is that really you? I don’t understand. You don’t act anything like you do in real life.” It’s strange, but they are nice people. Digest: Since you and Tracey are together in real life, have you taught her son, Bryce, how to sail?
Masters: He’s been on my boat before, but you can’t get teenagers … they’re just thinking about girls. If I had a girl on the boat that wasn’t his mother…. He works and goes to school and practices with his band. It’s like, “Come on, it will only take you an hour to get there and then we’ll go out for four hours and I hope you don’t get seasick.” He’s too busy for that.Digest: You and Bryce have something in common — you have both broken your neck.

Masters: I went to the Caribbean with Tracey two Christmases ago and Bryce broke his neck jumping into the ocean, but he’s all right. That was something — to learn about the workings of the Bahamian hospital system, which was a very good system. But I was hoping that he didn’t have to have what I had, the halo traction with bolts in your skull. He convinced the doctor he would be a good boy and wouldn’t be lurching around every time a girl in a miniskirt would walk by.Digest: Hmm. Maybe Julian should be in one of those!

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