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Marry Makers: GH

The Marry Makers: Réal Andrews (Taggert), Bonnie Burroughs (Gladys) and Gregory Harrison 

Long Engagement Or Short Engagement?

Andrews: “It wasn’t a long engagement. I think it was a year. I was like, ‘Let’s go!’ ”

Burroughs: “I was 32 when we got ‘engaged’ — there was no ring, so was I ever really engaged?!”

Harrison: “Short. Randi’s [Oakes] and mine was less than a year from the day we met on the BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS in 1980.”

Hire A Wedding Planner Or Do It Yourself?

Andrews: “We did most of it ourselves. We decided to put all the money into the film crew [documenting it], which I’m so glad we did.”

Burroughs: “We did it ourselves, which was exemplified by me calling my dad in a panic about two hours before guests were due to start showing up, shouting, ‘Dad, where’s the ice for the bar?!’ ”

Harrison: “First secret wedding — 42 years ago! — was in a tiny chapel in the Valley. No guests at all, and no planning required. The second, massive wedding — three years later — Randi did it all.”

Invite Everyone Or Keep It Small?

Andrews: “We invited everyone.”

Burroughs: “We kept it small at about 50.”

Harrison: “Like I said, we were married twice. The first secret one was just the reverend, his wife, Randi and me. It was so special and simple. But then we had a big wedding three years later overlooking the sea and invited 150 guests. It was amazing, but honestly, the first one felt more about our love.”

Indoor Or Outdoor?

Andrews: “Our wedding was outdoors.”

Burroughs: “Got married in our living room, partied in the backyard after.”

Harrison: “Both of ours were indoor because of the weather, but outdoor is my preference.”

Local Or Destination?

Andrews: “Local.”

Burroughs: “Local.”

Harrison: “Local, so that the people we care about could all be there.”

The Groom: Tux Or No Tux?

Andrews: “Oh, tux, definitely.”

Burroughs: “Ummm, would you believe me if I told you my husband went shopping for a shirt to get married in on our wedding day?! No tux.”

Harrison: “No tux, but super-fashionable.”

The Bride: Veil Or No Veil?

Andrews: “No veil. Oh, boy, I hope that’s right [laughs].”

Burroughs: “No veil. Off-the-rack Betsy Johnson dress with high-top platform

Harrison: “No veil, but Randi had a stunning embroidered gown.”

Traditional Vows Or Write Your Own?

Andrews: “We did both; we said our traditional vows and then we both said something personal.”

Burroughs: “We wrote our own. We did not write the part of the ceremony where our officiant — my husband’s bass player — did not have the rings, and I had to go find them in a desk drawer.”

Harrison: “We wrote our own, both times!”

Choreograph The First Dance Or Wing It?

Andrews: “We just winged it.”

Burroughs: “Did anybody choreograph the first dance 30 years ago? We did not.”

Harrison: “Totally winged it!”

Buffet Or Sit-Down Dinner?

Andrews: “Buffet.”

Burroughs: “Buffet catered from the cool Chinese café down the block from our apartment.”

Harrison: “No reception for the first one, but an amazing dinner and huge party for the second.”

Smash The Cake Or Eat It Daintily?

Andrews: “Oh, we smashed it.”

Burroughs: “Tried to be dainty after several glasses of champagne. If he’d tried to smash cake onto my face, I’d have had to hurt him.”

Harrison: “Smash it!”

DJ Or Live Band?

Andrews: “DJ.”

Burroughs: “Friends and family taking turns with the 5-CD changer. Some of y’all probably don’t even know what that is!”

Harrison: “Live band!”

Best Tip For A Stress-Free Wedding?

Andrews: “My best advice for a stress-free wedding is to just enjoy yourself. Just make it about you and your beautiful wife or your spouse, don’t make it about trying to please everybody. That’s when you get stressed, you know? It’s your day!”

Burroughs: “I would think of it the same way I think about having a dinner party. The folks we’re inviting are people we love who love us back — we don’t have to impress them!”

Harrison: “Don’t be cheap! You’re only gonna do this once — hopefully!”