Marci Miller On Big DAYS Twist

Days of our Lives   Season 51

Credit: NBC

If you haven’t watched today’s episode of DAYS, stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. Not only was Abigail revealed to be Andre’s killer, but she also has a split personality, Gabby. “I was told maybe a month before it happened that I was going to maybe, kind of, take on some kind of Gabby role,” says portrayer Marci Miller. “I didn’t know what exactly that would entail, to what degree that was going to be a thing.” The daytime newcomer admits she never expected to play more than one role in Salem. “Oh, no, no. It never even occurred to me. That came completely out of nowhere. I didn’t even know what [kind of] thing it was even going to be at the time. I have maybe four, five, six scripts at a time and that’s really as far as we know in advance. It wound up being more involved than I expected. I guess I thought for a few episodes I’d kind of take on this role, but it wound up being a whole storyline, so it was cool.” For the full scoop, pick up the new issue of Digest, on sale now.