The Love And Laughter Continues

In the November 10 issue of Digest ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Hillary B. Smith and Robert S. Woods discuss Bo and Nora’s long-awaited reunion with candor, sincerity and humor. Here, lucky readers, we present you with a little extra from this rare interview. Enjoy!Soap Opera Digest: When we first talked about this story, both of you had expressed concerns about the potential for Bo and Nora to carry on an affair behind Clint’s back. Can you expand on that?

Hillary B. Smith: Our concern was, if you’re going to reunite this couple, after all these years, you do it where you have a rooting factor and if you’re marrying her off to his brother and then you reunite these characters, where’s the rooting value? So that was a concern.

Robert S. Woods: We didn’t want it to be tawdry. And plus, you want to still root for Clint, too.

Smith: This whole storyline is a dovetail of many different points that are coming together, so it has to happen in a certain way.

Digest: What do you think incited the old feelings?

Smith: I’d say Matthew’s accident sort of started things. And I think it’s perfectly natural because you do come to rely on someone else, especially when they’re in the trenches with you. I don’t think Nora ever got over Bo. Of course, she tried marrying so many different people.

Digest: Like Sam…

Smith: That didn’t work out so well [laughs]. Nora didn’t cheat on Bo because she wanted to sleep with Sam; she did it because she thought that was a means to an end at the time.

Digest: Meanwhile, Bo has learned not to trust blondes, right? Lindsay, Melanie —

Woods: Paige.

Smith: What happened to Paige?

Woods: Paige went to, uh, I can’t remember the name of the country. There actually is a country; I thought they made up the name. Somewhere near Nepal.

Smith: She’s doing Doctors Without Borders. That was his second doctor. Wasn’t Melanie a doctor? And there was Lindsay. I thought it would have been great if he stopped Nora and Clint’s wedding. But, we’re having a good time.

Digest: You must have had a good time in the scenes where they trash Kevin’s living room.

Woods: At the compound? Those are great scenes.

Smith: They were well-written, they had nice meat to them, they weren’t a page-and-a-half long.

Woods: It was nice. They really discuss thoroughly what they’re up against. And every time they almost kiss, somebody walks in and witnesses it. Everybody in the world must know … David Vickers shows up. He brings Matthew’s friend over … do her parents know?

Smith: I want to know how Matthew got his passport. Destiny must have stolen it and brought it to him.

Woods: Hey, at least we weren’t in that marathon dance contest [on ALL MY CHILDREN]. I see my buddy Toast [Thorsten Kaye, Zach] and I thinking, “What does he got on his back?” It was a number 60. I knew they weren’t playing that music on the floor because some people, I know can keep time, and everybody there was—

Smith: Weeble wobble?

Woods: Yeah.

Smith: Weebles wobble, and they do fall down!