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Life With John-Paul Lavoisier

Soap Opera Weekly: Dorian will go to any lengths to keep Adriana and Rex apart, won’t she?
John-Paul Lavoisier: Listen, Rex framed her for murder. He understands, but [planting] heroin on him? Come on! It’s crazy!

Weekly: Despite the heroin mishap, do you think Rex is on the verge of becoming a really nice guy?
Lavoisier: For the record, I’m not complaining at all, but they have been writing me a lot nicer than they used to. I am still trying to keep my edge whenever possible, in little, subtle mannerisms I do or facial expressions I make. I hope I don’t become “Duke nice” or “Bo nice.” I still want my little smart-aleck, cocky edge.

Weekly: Do you think you were starting to lose that edge?
Lavoisier: I was getting soft, and I was so pleased that back in January they threw in that Rex was screwing around with his assistant manager at Ultra Violet. Adriana showed up and Rex was like, “It’s not what you think.” It was justified, because Rex heard her talking to her mom about how he was a bad guy but misunderstood. Nonetheless, Rex did screw around with somebody else. I was thankful for those two episodes. I hope he doesn’t get really, really nice.

Weekly: One would think this feud with Dorian that will keep him dark.
Lavoisier: I would love for Dorian to keep doing things to Rex so he could do bad stuff to her, and have this huge battle with Adriana caught in the middle.

Weekly: When you’re not battling Dorian on-screen, you’re teeing off off-screen. Do you have a favorite golf course you visit?
Lavoisier: I golf a lot with Dan Gauthier (Kevin), and one our favorite courses is [in New Jersey]. One of the nicest courses I’ve ever played, though, was with Mr. Brian Frons (head of ABC Daytime) in Florida during Super Soap Weekend [last year]. Sydney Penny (Julia, ALL MY CHILDREN), Brian Frons and a couple of other network people and I went to one of the Disney courses. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was really nice.

Weekly: Did you let Mr. Frons win?
Lavoisier: No, I didn’t let him win. I played my game and I ignored everybody. I shot okay.

Weekly: Does your girlfriend, Ashley, play golf?
Lavoisier: She does. Since dating me she has decided to try and pick up the game. She has her own set of clubs that she only gets out a handful of times a year. Plus, she has a 9-to-5 job, so on her weekends she likes to rest. Not until the dead of the summer, when she can get out at 5:15 and get in nine holes, does she really play that much.

Weekly: Do you have any big plans coming up?
Lavoisier: Well, my girlfriend has never been to Italy. For her birthday, I promised we’d go, so there’s a very good chance my girlfriend and I are going [this March].

Weekly: Anywhere specific?
Lavoisier: She’s concerned about saying she’s been to Italy and eating a bunch of meatballs and seeing the cathedrals. I don’t really care. We’re flying into Rome and flying out of Venice — and that’s all I know.

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