More Legal Trouble For Soap Vet

"The Young and the Restless" Set
Jensen Buchanan "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television City Los Angeles 10/07/15 © sean smith/ 310-657-9661 Credit: JPI

Jensen Buchanan (ex-Vicky, ANOTHER WORLD et al) is once again in trouble with the law. The actress, who had been sentenced to serve one year in county jail for driving while intoxicated in California and causing a head-on crash that left the driver of the other vehicle in critical condition, was recently busted for allegedly drinking while under felony probation. At the time of her January 12 arrest, Buchanan was reportedly not in custody (a practice used by Santa Barbara County to relieve overcrowding in jail), and fitted with an electronic alcohol monitor, which reportedly registered the intake of alcohol between December 29 and January 11. On January 18, Buchanan appeared at a hearing in superior court for violating parole. Buchanan’s legal troubles began in May, 2016, after she drove in the wrong direction on a state highway and collided with another car driven by Bradley Asolas. It was determined that Buchanan’s blood alcohol was four times higher than the legal limit and she was arrested at the scene of the crash. Asolas sustained major injuries and was hospitalized for 30 days. Buchanan pled guilty to driving under the influence During Buchanan’s sentencing hearing last October, Asolas testified how his life was severely impacted because of the accident. After Buchanan received her sentencing, the judge warned her that a six-year prison sentence could still be imposed if she defied the terms of her jail sentence and probation. 

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