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“Last Blast Reunion” Available Now On The DOOL App!

The new series, “Last Blast Reunion”, which reunites popular DAYS stars, is available now on the DOOL App. Returning to the .Com cyber café after almost 20 years are Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip), Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Martha Madison (Belle), Heather Lindell (Jan), Aaron Van Wagner (Jason), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Lindsay Hollistar (Susan). Patrika Darbo (Nancy) and Kevin Spirtas (Craig) will also appear. After today’s premiere, new episodes will be available every Thursday for the seven weeks. The episodes will also be available on the NBC app and one week after streaming exclusively on The DOOL App. Each episode will be approximately 7-10 minutes in length. More information is available at Here, Bjorlin and Beemer talk about reuniting for the filming. 



Digest: What was it like to hear the pitch that you were going back to the “Last Blast” era?

Bjorlin: I mean, sort of four seconds into the pitch I was like, “Yeah, I’m in!” I’m feeling nostalgic myself. It’s been exactly 20 years since I’ve been here. October 25 of ’99 was my first day of work. So  getting back to work here with the same crew 20 years later it’s so weird. So much has changed and so much has not changed. It still feels exactly the same.

Beemer:  I got a call from [Co-Executive Producer] Greg Meng. He called up and he said, “We want to come up with some really cool things to give to the fans that we don’t give to them on the network show. We wanted to see if you’d be interested.” And I said, “Yeah, sounds good. What do you have in mind?” And then he said, “The Last Blast.” And I was like, “The Last Blast? I wasn’t at the Last Blast, but I’m in! I can act like I was at Last Blast.”  A lot of us all reached out to each other. I’m like, “Martha, what’s going on?” And she was like, “This is gonna be fun.” I figured everyone was coming back and it was good to see the people that did get to come back.

Digest: What was it like seeing Jay again?

Bjorlin: It was so cool. It brought up a lot of nostalgic, lovely memories. He looks the same except now he’s all grown up. I mean, we all are. We haven’t really kept in touch because he moved away. I was like, “I have two kids now.” And he was like, “Really?” I’m like, “I know. Remember when we were kids going out and partying in the town and now we’re like grown, responsible people and we’re much more mellowed out.” It was fun. And it also was kind of like riding a bicycle. First day working I was like, “What is this gonna be like?” And then it was just that instant kind of like fun thing we’ve always had, that little spark and that little flirtation. It was cool.

Beemer: To see Jay was great. I mean, that was the big surprise for everybody. I was like, “Wait, Jay’s coming back?” Nothing against any of the other Philips, but I mean … he’s Philip. When we heard that the was coming back, everybody was like, “Oh, my gosh. Does he still want to do this?” And he came back and he was on point. He knew all of his stuff. He’s professional as he’s always been. He was super-happy to be here and so that made it all very exciting also. There were no duds in the group. Everybody was happy to be here and everybody was working well together.

Digest: What was it like to all be working together again?

Bjorlin: It was fun! Farah [Fath, ex- Mimi] couldn’t make it. I understand logistically with a new baby and not living here, it just didn’t make sense. So there were some recastings, but those actors are really lovely. We all had this fun camaraderie like two days in. We kind of felt like we’ve known each other for a long time. Lindsay, who plays Susan, she was the original Susan, and it was fun catching up with her. It was fun to see her all grown up now. And Aaron Van Wagner, who still has the same baby face and the same sense of humor, he cracks me up. He’s like, “I hope everybody who sees me doesn’t notice that I’ve completely let myself go.” He doesn’t act anymore at all. He’s a dad now. It’s funny how this place is like a time warp. You walk in and nothing really changes and you feel like you pick up right where you left off, even though now our conversations are so different. We’re talking about preschools and our children and this and that or whatever. It’s trippy. We’re like, “Whoa. When did this happen?”

Beemer: Oh, it was so much fun. It was great. We’re missing Farah [Fath, ex-Mimi], which was unfortunate, but she’s got a family and she’s got a life and that’s what happens. But it was fun to have everybody back together again.

Digest: What does it mean to you that group made such an impact?

Bjorlin: I feel really blessed, really lucky that we’re part of this amazing legacy here. I remember my second week of work was a big anniversary party. It was the 34thanniversary. It was mind-blowing to be a part of this and now to sort of fast forward 20 years later, you go, “Wow, I guess what we created, too, really had an impact.” I think there’s the stories and the characters on this show that even people who haven’t religiously watched the show will go, “Oh, I remember,” like the Marlena possession storyline or just the character names Bo and Hope. I feel like we’re being grouped in with thatsame feeling, the DAYS generational feeling, that we were part of this special generation of being the kids of Bo and Hope and John and Marlena. We were the next generation from that original powerhouse generation to carry this legacy.