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Kate Linder Weighs In On Her Personal Preferences

Favorite Shampoo: “Belegenza, I swear by it! My hair never looks as good with any other product.”

Favorite Jeans Brand: “Just Black Denim. They are incredibly well made, stylish and reasonably priced, and despite their name, they come in blue, black and white.”

Favorite Phone App: “Cameo! It’s terrific to be able to make people smile.”

Favorite Type Of Cuisine: “Mexican. I love spicy food.”

Favorite Sports Team: “The L.A. Dodgers. I grew up going to their games and can’t wait until we are able to do that again.”

Favorite Breakfast Item: “An omelette, especially if someone else makes it. I love going out to breakfast.”

Favorite Coffee Drink: “Coffee Bean’s Ice Blended is great anytime!”

Favorite Adult Beverage: “Vodka martini with olives, extra, extra dry, or Chardonnay with ice.”

Favorite Sweet Treat: “Milk chocolate chip ice cream.”

Favorite Healthy Snack: “Almonds are healthier to reach for instead of chocolate, although dark chocolate is supposed to be not as bad for you.”

Favorite Color: “Purple. I always think of purple as being regal.”

Favorite Magazine:Soap Opera Digest, of course!”

Favorite Book: “[My late husband] Ron wrote a book of poems for me as a birthday present. He made the cover as well and it’s one of my most treasured possessions.”

Favorite Item In Your Wardrobe: “I have a long black sweater that I can and do wear with everything.”

Favorite Room In Your Home: “My TV room with a big TV where I watch Y&R and everything else.”

Favorite Sitcom: “THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW. I had the good fortune of knowing Rose Marie and Morey Amsterdam [ex-Morey]. I was thrilled to work with Morey on Y&R and loved all of his stories.”

Favorite Movie:It’s a Wonderful Life holds its own after all of these years.”

Favorite Drama Series: “YOUNG AND RESTLESS will always be my favorite series. I also like THIS IS US, which I began watching originally because of Justin Hartley [ex- Adam].”

Favorite TV Host: “George Pennacchio.”

Favorite Cartoon: “Peanuts. I’m a traditionalist and Lucy always makes me laugh.”

Favorite Comic: “Carol Burnett. Her timing is impeccable and I never get tired of watching her.”

Favorite Singer: “Lady Gaga.”

Favorite Kitchen Appliance: “A tie between the microwave and the dishwasher, those definitely get the most use after my refrigerator.”

Favorite Place I’ve Ever Visited: “I love Hong Kong. You really feel that you are in another world there.”