John McCook (Eric, B&B) weighs in on his personal preferences

Netflix Or Cable? “Netflix. WEST WING. What can I say?”

Sitcom Or Drama? “Drama.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel.”

Hip-Hop Or Rock And Roll? “Rock and roll.”

Instagram Or Twitter? “Twitter.”

Wine Or Beer? “Chocolate! No, beer.”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Basketball, but baseball is pretty good because of the beer.”

Book Or Magazine? “Book.”

Save Or Splurge? “Splurge.”

Pool Or Ocean? “Ocean.”

Plan Ahead Or Be Spontaneous? “Plan ahead, and then screw it all up when it happens.”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “Early bird, which hasn’t been true all of my life but it is now.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “I hate going to the store, but I hate shopping online, too.”

William And Kate Or Harry And Meghan? “Harry and Meghan, absolutely.”

Khloé Or Kim? “I don’t want to go anywhere near those people.”

New Or Vintage? “Vintage, of course.”

Store-Bought Or Homemade? “Homemade.”

Vacation Or Staycation? “Staycation.”

Salty Or Sweet? “Salty.”

Mild Or Spicy? “Spicy.”

Music Or Podcast? “Podcast.”

Movie Or Museum? “Movie. Actually, both. Let’s say the Hollywood Movie Museum.”