It’s Official: DAYS Casts A New EJ

Dan Feuerriegel has been cast as the new EJ DiMera and will first air in the role on Wednesday, June 9, reports The actor has been appeared on Starz’s SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, NCIS: LA, CHICAGO FIRE, AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Pacific Rim: Uprising. The role was created by James Scott, who played EJ from 2006-14. Digest spoke to Head Writer Ron Carlivati about the casting: “When I got to the show and Sami wasn’t on the canvas, she had left Salem but had this drive where she had this idea that her husband was still alive and was searching the world looking for him,” he recalls. “So each time we brought Sami onto the show, you could kind of gloss over that the first time she came back because Will was alive, and we could sort of keep alive, ‘Oh, I’m out there in the world looking for EJ,’ but I feel with each successive visit, the specter of EJ loomed larger and larger until we finally felt we had to deal with it. Otherwise, it’s hard to continue to tell stories with Sami unless you’re going to answer the question is EJ still alive? We decided to answer it by saying he was alive. With each visit, it becomes more imperative that we deal with the question: What’s going on in her marriage and what’s going on with EJ? So we came up with this idea to pair her with Lucas and build this little affair, and the how do you not deal with EJ? Does she just leave town with the secret that she slept with EJ a few times? It’s a little unsatisfying. You want EJ to ultimately show up and wonder if this secret of Lucas and Sami is going to come out. So that is how we went about saying, ‘We have to tear off this Band-Aid and find ourselves an EJ.’ ”