I’m Not A Lawyer But I Play One On TV: Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, B&B)

How do you deal with all of the legal dialogue? “It’s definitely something I have to work on and wrap my head around to figure out what I’m saying. When we did the custody hearing with Katie and Bill, it was me and Aaron — Carter versus Justin — and that was cool because it was less about legalese and more about framing a compelling argument. So yes, the legalese can be challenging, but the competition aspect of it was fun.”

Can you recall a time when Carter faced an ethical dilemma as Forrester’s legal counsel? “A couple of years ago, Ridge and Steffy found out that Quinn and Eric’s marriage wasn’t legal, and Ridge wanted Carter to keep quiet about it, which Carter viewed as unethical. It was uncomfortable because Carter wanted to be there for his friend, so that was a challenging situation. In the end, Carter just couldn’t do it.”

Do you think you would make a good lawyer? “I think so. As an actor, you get behind a story and try to convey it to the best of your ability. As a lawyer, that’s what you’re doing for your client. Every character deserves to have their truth heard and then as an audience, you decide. You judge. You’re the jury. I don’t get to judge the character that I play. It’s my job to authentically tell the story, and as a lawyer, it’s the same thing. Whether your client is innocent or guilty, that’s not your business. They still deserve a fair trial either way. But that’s more criminal law. As far as corporate law goes? No. I definitely don’t belong there [laughs].”

What is Carter’s greatest strength as an attorney? “His integrity, but that can be an obstacle, as well. If we go back to Katie and Bill’s custody hearing, Justin didn’t mind going a little dirty. He was still relatively ethical, but he didn’t mind taking a jab at Katie when he could — not to say that Carter would never do that, but it’s not his go-to.”



What kind of student do you think Carter was in law school? “Oh, man. He was a straight-A student. He probably didn’t have much of a personal life, but he was a very good student.”