I’m Not A Lawyer But I Play One On TV: Aaron Spears (Justin, B&B)

Do you look forward to the days you have to spout lots of legal dialogue, like at Will’s custody hearing, or dread them? “I like lots of dialogue and the challenge to make it seem spoken and natural, and not read off of a piece of paper.”

Do you have to work harder to memorize scripts that have a lot of legal terminology? “It all depends on the flow of the words. If dialogue flows well, it lends itself to being memorized a lot easier.”

Who are your favorite TV or fictional lawyers? “Columbo wasn’t a lawyer, but I loved his approach and finish. I learned a lot from Alan Shore on BOSTON LEGAL, played by James Spader, when doing the show years ago. I love Viola Davis in HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER; Joe Miller, played by Denzel [Washington] in the movie Philadelphia, and the list goes on.”

How would Justin describe working for a man like Bill Spencer? “A constant test of your morals and values. Money simply magnifies what a person is. It doesn’t necessarily change them. It’s more about, how far does one approach the line, and if the decision to cross it is made, ‘How far beyond it must I go to maintain my decency?’ ”



What qualities do you think make Justin a good attorney? “He’s all in. If he’s down for you, he’ll do whatever it takes.”

Would you, Aaron, hire Justin to represent you? “Hmm … Justin doesn’t really get a chance to show his smarts as much as I know are instilled within him. He’s made some sketchy deci- sions in the past, but the one thing he is is loyal. No matter what. You can’t put a price on that, so to answer your question, yes!”

Do you think you’d make a good lawyer in real life? “Yep, that’s the profession my high school counselors wanted me to pursue, as well as my parents, but all that reading was a bit much for me. I opted for doing something I’d love as opposed to what would make me the most money.”

What type of student do you think Justin was back in law school? “Work hard, play hard.”