ICYMI: You Asked, She Answered

Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy Of Bell-Phillip Television Inc

Q I love your real-life friendship with Mishael Morgan [Hilary]. What has been your favorite moment between Hilary & Lily?

Royce M.

A I would say when I got to throw water on her face, that was really fun. Hilary was asleep at the GCAC and Lily goes, “Wake up!” and I literally poured a jug of ice water on Mishael’s face. It was great! I don’t remember if Mishael wasn’t looking forward to that, but what could she do? That’s the way it was written [laughs].


Hi Christel, I’d like to know if you and Lexie Stevenson [Mattie] spend a great deal of time off-screen and just hang out together? 

Michael S.

A Not really; I did have Lexie and Noah [Alexander Gerry, Charlie] over to my place for a little fun-day Sunday, but that’s about it. We don’t really hang out off set.


Q If Lily wasn’t a modeling agent or a model herself, what other job do you think she’d be good at? 

G.G., Brooklyn, NY

A She really enjoyed when she was doing marketing at Brash & Sassy, so I could see her going back into that field.


What was your most embarrassing moment on set?


A It was when Billy Miller [then-Billy] was first on the show and I was doing a scene with him and Adrienne Frantz [ex-Amber]. I was wearing a spaghetti-strap dress that I couldn’t wear a bra with, so I was wearing these little silicone niplettes. When I bent down during rehearsal to adjust my shoe, I didn’t realize the spaghetti straps slipped off my shoulders and one of my entire boobs came out. That was really embarrassing because it was rehearsal on camera.


How long does it take
you to memorize all the dialogue given to you?

Pat L.

A I typically learn all my lines the night before, unless it’s something really intense — then I’ll take two nights. But it doesn’t take very long for me to memorize my script.

Q How do you like the story direction of Lily running a modeling agency?

Syreeta M.

A I really like it. I think it’s a natural progression for Lily and it seems to suit her really well. Since she was already a model, she pretty much knows the inner workings of the industry but she’s not cutthroat about it. She’s kind to the models.


Do you have any siblings or are you an only child?

L.W., Redmond, WA

A I have three older brothers, who are 37, 38 and 39, and one half sister, who is 13, but I didn’t grow up with her.


What’s your process in preparing for a scene?

Gino M.

A To get in the mood that’s required for a scene, I’ll usually listen to certain types of music and visualize different things to get myself in that space mentally. Some actors can just jump into what their characters are feeling but I can’t really do that, so I need time to get it together. When I get there, then I’m there for as long as it’s needed.


Since you’ve been on Y&R for a long time now, which one of Lily’s romances stands out to you: Lily/Daniel, Lily/Cane, Lily/Tyler, or Lily/Joe?

Cassie H., Chicago, IL

A I would sat that Lily and Daniel really sticks out for me because that was a young love kind of thing. Their romance was so innocent and then they ran away to Malibu, it was such a cute time. I loved their relationship.


Q I was wondering, what is your nationality? You look Middle Eastern or Native American. I have Native American ancestors in my family tree.

Judy C.

A My dad is Pakistani and my mom is black, white and Native American, so, a little of everything.


Q I read in Bryton’s [James, Devon] recent interview in Soap Opera Digest that he’s your son’s godfather. I think that is so sweet, but why did you decide to ask him to take on such an important role?

L. Mellon

A Bryton is my oldest and most prominent friend that I have, so it was just a natural choice to me. Bryton has always been there for me and now he’s always there for Caden. Bryton is amazing and he’s the best godfather ever. I wish I had a godfather like him. Those two have the best time together, so I couldn’t have asked a better person to be the godfather.


What is your favorite activity to do with your son? What is your favorite activity when you’re just out with friends?

J. Myles

A My favorite thing to do with Caden is going to the movies together. We always have such a great time. When it comes to hanging out with my friends, it’s very simple: I love going to new restaurants and having a great meal, a great bottle
of wine and great conversation, but be home in bed by 10! I don’t like to stay out too late.


Q Who in the cast is the best prankster?

R.M., Warren, MI

A It’s a tie between Josh [Morrow, Nick] and Kristoff [St. John, Neil]. They’re always acting silly. Luckily, they usually like to prank each other.


How long have you been acting? Have you ever been in any commercials?

A. London

A I have been acting since I was a young girl. Growing up, I did a few commercials here and there, but I most remember one for Taco Bell when I was 5.


What surprised you the most about becoming a mother?


A That you never sleep the same way ever again! I expected getting little sleep in the beginning stages, but my sleep patterns are still
so different. Now I wake up to the slightest noise.


What is your funniest moment with Daniel Goddard [Cane] on the set?

Jackie L.

A I have to say that every moment with Daniel is the funniest. I can’t think of a specific memory but he’s so good at keeping the mood light that sometimes he gets in trouble [laughs]. I love his sense of humor.


Q Are you in touch with Shemar Moore [ex-Malcolm]?

Cheryl M.

A No. I’ll see him now and then in random places but we’re not in contact with each other. When he was on Y&R a couple of years ago, we had a lot of fun on the set together. I would love if he came back for another visit!


Q I have read in interviews that you have a boyfriend. What can you tell us about him? Is he also an actor?


A His name is Sam and he’s not an actor, he works in private equity. He was born and raised in Toronto [Canada], so it’s been a long-distance thing for a couple of years. I’m pretty much there once a month but he’s moving to Los Angeles, which is amazing.