ICYMI Steven Weber Interview

Do you have a favorite memory from your Oakdale days?

“Overall, it was such a great experience for me, catching the tail end of that genre, that ‘live TV’ experience that I always wanted to be involved with. I met a lot of great people like Julianne Moore [ex-Frannie/Sabrina] and John Wesley Shipp [ex-Douglas]. It was a great lab to learn.”

Do you keep in touch with anyone from those days? “I see John Shipp. I’ve seen him at a convention and we hung out a bit but not really. I haven’t seen Julianne in ages. I wonder what’s going on with her. I don’t know if anything is happening with her. I hope she’s okay [laughs].”

What was your takeaway from that job? “I learned that you can be cute and clever and think you’re all that but it requires work and dedication and discipline. The people I worked with were nothing if not all of those things. I was working with people who started on radio! Helen Wagner [ex-Nancy], for chrissake! So, it was a really wonderful time in my life and my career.”

How’d this current gig on INDEBTED come about?

“It mostly came through the pipeline but in a way, I made a psychic decision to do something that’s positive. I thought it’d be great to return to something like this, a comedy, and the schedule is great! It’s the most desirable gig for a TV actor. I wasn’t consciously looking for a four-camera show. It just came my way and I jumped on it.”

How is it working with Fran Drescher?

“We’ve known each other for a long time … She makes it easy. [Our characters] are loving and positive, and they are crazy in love with each other. They have, like, crazy animal sex, and you know what? It’s such a fun thing to play with Fran because it’s so positive that there really is no challenge. I’m grateful to be working.”

With all the reboots these days, any chance of reviving WINGS?

“I don’t know how possible something like that is. We’ve all diverged in many ways, but we mostly keep in touch. I suppose if somebody came up with some idea, I might do it. I don’t know if there’s a real demand for it. But who knows?”

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