ICYMI Noah Alexander Gerry And Lexie Stevenson Interview

Credit: JPI

Soap Opera Digest: You first met during auditions. What was your first impression of each other?
Noah Alexander Gerry: Of Lexie? Intense, hyper.
Lexie Stevenson (laughs): Yeah, I was a little hyper.
Gerry: But she was really nice.
Stevenson: I remember he was really nervous. He was literally shaking. But I thought he was sweet.

Digest: What was your first day at the studio like?
Gerry: We were both in shock.
Stevenson: It was so overwhelming.
Gerry: We were both trying to figure out what was going on together. As we were brought around the set, we kept looking at each other and just trying to take everything in.

Digest: Did it help that you had someone to go through this with?
Stevenson: Oh, yeah, 110 percent. We could figure out things together.
Gerry: And make mistakes together.
Stevenson: Like being late. So, it’s nice to already have that support system.
Gerry: And I’m still getting lost. I get on the elevator and always go to the wrong floor.

Digest: What was your first time in front of the camera like?
Stevenson: I was terrified. I remember waiting behind the door before going into the [Ashby] house and being so terrified. I was shaking.
Gerry: I was just trying to memorize my lines. I had only like three but I also had
to make out with someone for my first day on the set. I guess it was a great way to introduce myself. I just met the girl, so I didn’t know her very well, but we certainly got acquainted.

Digest: How did you bond behind the scenes?
Stevenson: By hanging out. I had just moved here and only had two other friends before meeting Noah, so I kind of latched on to him.
Gerry: It’s kind of crazy because our moms are both dentists and they have the same exact birthday.
Stevenson: It’s literally the same day, month and year. If that isn’t a sign that we’re supposed to be friends, then I don’t know what is.
Gerry: It’s like we are brother and sister; it’s absurd. There’s just a natural energy between us.
Stevenson: So, playing siblings just comes naturally for us. We play off each other really well.

Digest: Are there any traits about your character that you can relate to?
Stevenson: In high school, I had a really heavy schedule. I would go to school, swim four hours a day, go to my voice lessons, dance classes and SAT tutoring. Mattie has such a full plate and even though it’s all school-related, I know what’s it like to go out and get things done to the best of my ability.

Digest: What about you, Noah?
Gerry: Definitely the love for his family and friends. Charlie is very protective of his sister, and I know what that feels like because I have two sisters.

Digest: Are you a jock like Charlie?
Gerry: No, I’m not a sports person at all. I can’t catch a ball for my life. I’ll be three feet away from my mom and she’ll throw me the car keys but I’ll still miss them. I have no athletic ability whatsoever.

Digest: Do you have a similar relationship with your sisters like Charlie has with Mattie?
Gerry: I do with my oldest one, Jireh. It’s very similar, but not so much with the youngest one, Katia. I’m close with her but she’s kind of a tomboy.

Digest: Do you have any siblings, Lexie?
Stevenson: I don’t. I’m an only child but in high school, my family had a foreign exchange student live with us and we would sometimes get in arguments like brother and sister. Now, he comes every summer to visit, so he’s been a brother to me. And Noah is definitely like a brother to me.

Digest: Who was the most helpful to you in your first weeks of getting adjusted at Y&R?
Gerry: In my first week, Darnell [Kirkwood, Jordan] was super-cool. He gave me his phone number and told me to call or text if I need any advice. If I’m freaking out about a line, I text him about it. But everyone here has been super-helpful.
Stevenson: Tristan [Lake Leabu, Reed] and Christel [Khalil, Lily] have been great. They each have been such a huge help to me.

Digest: Do you hang out together during downtime at the studio?
Stevenson: We usually get lunch together and then throughout the day, I’ll hang out in his dressing room or he’ll hang out in mine.
Gerry: We go out for sushi a lot.

Digest: How do you like working with Christel?
Gerry: I like her a lot. I auditioned with her and we sort of connected then. She’s very talented and is such a natural. She helps with my lines a lot.
Stevenson: Christel is really awesome. We’re not that far apart in age, so I can talk to her about personal things, like my boyfriend. She gives the best advice.
Gerry: I haven’t asked her for any advice yet but I might have to after what she’s done for you.
Stevenson: I love her!

Digest: How do you like your TV dad, Daniel Goddard (Cane)?
(They both start laughing.)
Stevenson: He’s such a goofball but he’s awesome.
Gerry: You can definitely count on him for a laugh.
Stevenson: Any questions that we have about Y&R, he’s really good at answering. He’s very up-to-date and knowledgeable on everything.
Gerry: I love working with Daniel. We work really well together; we just knock our scenes out.

Digest: What’s it like when all four of you are working together?
Gerry: A lot of fun.
Stevenson: When we’re not actually shooting, there are a few jokes that are crass but funny.
Gerry: It’s fun when we get together and run lines. It really does feel like we’re a family coming together and I think it comes to life on-screen.

Digest: Have any of your parents met your TV mom and dad?
Stevenson: My parents have. It went really well but it was still kind of weird. They all liked each other. My mom and Christel have hit it off and they’ve even FaceTimed. They love talking to each other.
Gerry: My dad and Grandma did. Everyone got along really well.

Digest: What was your first impression of Tristan?
Gerry: Oh, man, he’s really cool. We have a lot in common, like music tastes, although not him and hip-hop. He’s fun to talk with and he’s just a nice dude overall.
Stevenson: When I first met him, I was pretty nervous because I knew where the storyline would go for us, but he’s really nice. This has all been a new experience for me, having a job where my character has a boyfriend, so Tristan’s really good at making me feel comfortable whenever we have a kissing scene.

Digest: Yeah, he already tattled that you were really nervous about the first kiss.
Stevenson: Oh, my God, I just wasn’t nervous, I was freaking out! He was so good about it through the whole thing.
Gerry: He told me that he wanted to tell you, “Calm down!”
Stevenson: But he didn’t. He was really patient. He said, “Just do it,” and I said, “Okay!”

Digest: What have been the most fun scenes to shoot?
Stevenson: I like the ones with Daniel because he’s so friggin’ funny.
Gerry: Lexie and I had a scene in the car that was nice to shoot.

Digest: Why is that?
Gerry: I also have trouble with blocking and keeping in my head where I’m supposed to stand. That’s why I liked the car scene because I was just sitting there.

Digest: What have been your most challenging scenes?
Stevenson: The kissing one.
Gerry: When Cane told Charlie about what really happened with Juliet. That was a difficult scene for me because I was having trouble with my acting, but Daniel helped me a lot. He suggested how I could deliver my lines.

Digest: How would you sum up your experience so far?
Gerry: As a blessing. It’s been fun and challenging but I’m learning a lot every day. It’s been awesome to practice my craft with so many talented actors.
Stevenson: I would sum up it up the same way. And I love acting with Noah because he’s so good and invested that it’s insane. It just feels so organic with us.
Gerry: I think we just clicked. Stevenson: Like a seat belt.