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Soap Opera Digest: You’ve certainly had a lot of comings and goings from the show since you first joined in 1999. What was your reaction this time when you heard they were going to write Chloe off?

Nadia Bjorlin: I mean, obviously I was disappointed because I felt like, realistically, I hadn’t really had much of a storyline in the last couple of years. When I started to finally get a bit of a story with the whole Stefan/Gabi stuff, I was excited to work in a different universe than I’m used to. I’ve never really worked with any of the DiMeras. It was fun to even be on different sets that I was actually working on and not just walking through. So, of course I was disappointed, but it is what it is. I’ve been doing this long enough, working in show business, to also know that you can’t take some of that stuff personally. I’ve come and gone before and at this point you kind of go, “Well, never say never.” But this certainly was the most anticlimactic exit that I’ve ever made, I would say.

Digest: How does Chloe leave town?

Bjorlin: Out of nowhere, Chloe’s like, “Oh, I’m trying to plan these parties for John and Marlena but I have this audition in New York City tomorrow for a season to sing with the opera company.” And then she goes and does the audition and is like, “Oh, I got the job. I guess I’m going. Bye!” That’s really all it was. I have my last conversation with Brady, which was really nice. I was hoping that Brady and Chloe would reconnect after all these years, considering that’s never been sort of touched upon again since they got divorced in 2008. I was looking forward to doing something there, too, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. We have a last conversation where I’m like, “This isn’t good-bye, it’s a see you later,” kind of thing. Of course, it’s kind of bittersweet.

Digest: Once they hired Kyle Lowder (ex-Rex/ex-Brady) I thought they would play a triangle with Brady, Rex and Chloe.

Bjorlin: I totally thought something was going to happen there, too. They sort of had me start to dabble in that universe a bit. And it obviously does kind of suck to hear right before Christmas, like, “Oh, yeah, by the way, after Christmas you’re not coming back.” I try not to get too involved or bother myself with the politics of it all. But you’re like, “Okay, that sucks. It could have been something fun.” But I enjoyed my last few months there. I really did.

Digest: You really represent the lone person on canvas from a very special era in the hearts of so many DAYS fans.

Bjorlin: Thank you. Personally, even though I’m trying not to be biased about it, it’s an odd decision to sort of wipe out the group that represents people in their 30s, I guess you could say. I was like, “That’s interesting.”

Digest: This year marks 20 years since you started, which you included in the Instagram post back in January that alluded to your departure. What does that mean to you?

Bjorlin: Yeah, 20 years! I kind of meant it a little bit cheeky, but they say after you do something for 20 years you become a master of it. I was like, “I just barely missed that! Damn it.” It’s nostalgic. It’s amazing to think back on. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, it’s been most of my life.” Well, now really, technically, more of my life. I’ve grown up there and made so many memories and made so many friends and done so much. I’m so grateful for it. It’s always going to be a part of who I am. It’s cool. I stay in touch with Farah [Fath, ex-Mimi] and it’s so crazy seeing our babies now. We’re like, “Oh, my God, remember when we were babies?” It’s so cool. But it’s very nostalgic, obviously. I’m proud of the accomplishment of hanging in there for all that time.

Digest: Tell me what you’ve been up to since leaving.

Bjorlin: Well, I’m never not busy, chasing after a not-yet 2-year-old and a just-turned 3-year-old. There’s never lack of excitement around here. And you know what? That has been fun, to kind of just be like, “I’m just gonna hang with these boys and watch them grow.” That’s been the coolest thing, to not really be preoccupied by something else. But I’ve also managed to keep busy. I’ve worked on three different movies in the last couple of months, so that was cool. It got me working with different people on different sets and playing different characters. It is nice to play different characters and not stick with the same thing because you’re challenging yourself in different ways and meeting new people and doing new things. And then I’m going to do the second season of the web series BEACON HILL. I’m going to be throwing myself into another project. It shoots on the East Coast, so that will be fun. 

Digest: Are you auditioning?

Bjorlin: Yes, I am. But right now in the summertime, it’s been pretty quiet on that front, but I’ve been okay with that. I’ve been really enjoying my summer, which is nice.

Digest: Do you get nervous

Bjorlin: No, not at all. I’ve been doing it for so long, and it’s also changed a lot. Now you put yourself on tape for things. It’s not at all the way it used to be years ago where you would walk into rooms or see executives. Now you go in the room yourself and make your own choices and that’s it. The business is changing and there’s so much content that’s being churned out. I think the studios are just being run differently than they were years ago. You go with it, you adapt. And now you audition for YouTube shows. You gotta be crazy and in love with this business to do it. You just keep swimming.

Digest: When you look back, what are your favorite moments or storylines from DAYS?

Bjorlin: Oh, my goodness. I mean, there’s been so many good moments. I will say I really loved — maybe because I was so young and it was sort of my college years on the show — our SAVED BY THE BELL generation on there. I think that will always be the most fun, the most special memories. It’s also when we worked the longest hours, it’s when you did the most traveling. We used to go on location and shoot things. There were so many awesome, special memories. We spent so much time together. Personally, I love how everything shoots quickly now ’cause now in my life, I’m not super-interested in working long hours or being away from my kids or doing a whole lot of traveling for work. This newer generation schedule really suits me. With that being said, I kind of do love the soap schedule and I would not hesitate to get on any one of the shows at this point because it’s so great when you have a family.

Digest: Would you do another soap if asked?

Bjorlin: Yeah, I would. I definitely never considered it before, but I think now that I’m “grown up” and I’m a mom and I just have so much life experience, I would love to. It’d be a fun challenge because I haven’t worked on any other shows. I know a lot of people, obviously, from being in this for so long. I have friends on other shows that I’ve only known socially and that could be kind of fun, working with other people I know. I would certainly be open for it.

Digest: What if DAYS asked you back?

Bjorlin: Absolutely. I mean, come on. It’s family over there. Chloe will always have a special place in my heart. And I think there really are so many untold stories for her.

Digest: What do you remember feeling when you left the studio on your last day?

Bjorlin: I remember feeling proud. I felt proud of the work that I’ve done and the work that I was doing. But of course, I remember feeling sad. I was like, “Okay, keep it together.” I didn’t want to cry, and then of course I did. It was bittersweet. And then a bunch of people from work were nice enough to take me out for some drinks. That felt like the old days. It was fun. It was a nice send-off, for sure. I still talk and still hang out with people from there. I still feel like I’m very much a part of that universe and still informed and know what’s going on. It’s good-bye for now. That’s all. 

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