ICYMI Lucas Adams (Tripp, DAYS) Interview

Lucas Adams knew he might return to DAYS at some point. “They kind of gave me the thought, when I left, because they said, ‘Hey, you’re not dying. We’re sending you to medical school for a reason,’ ” remembers Adams. “So I [knew I] could come back as a doctor. I knew it was a possibility.”

That possibility materialized “with the time jump. Now it’s been a couple of years since Tripp left town,” says Adams, who received a call from the show’s brass right before Christmas in 2019. “They told me a little about the storyline and asked if I would be willing to come back. I was like, ‘Sure, that sounds awesome.’ I was pretty excited.”

According to Adams, the Tripp that resurfaces is a bit different from the young man who exited Salem. “His maturity level has really stepped up,” explains Adams. “When he comes back, he’s more established. He’s been in medical school a couple of years and has been doing really well with it. He’s taking himself more seriously, as well as other things. I love playing him this way. Right now, he’s very close to how I am.”

During his time away from DAYS, Adams delved into other work projects and spent time with his family. “I filmed a couple of things,” he reports. “I did a movie called American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules. It comes out digitally on October 6. It’s going to be released on DVD soon, and it’s also going to Netflix in the near future. I also had a movie, Confessional, premiere on Shudder, which is a horror film streaming service.

“I also went to Colorado on vacation with my family,” adds Adams. “They had gone the last five years, but I hadn’t been able to go. So I got to hang out with everybody and relax for a bit.”

As a result, he returned to DAYS refreshed and raring to go. “As soon as I got back and started talking to everybody, it was almost like I hadn’t left,” notes Adams. “Everybody was happy to be there and happy to see me. It was a really cool feeling, like being back with your family. It made it pretty easy to get back in the groove.”

Seeing so many familiar faces behind the scenes helped, too. “I was excited to see Stephen [Nichols, Steve] and Mary Beth [Evans, Kayla], of course,” shares Adams. “And also VK [Victoria Konefal, Ciara] and Robert [Scott Wilson, Ben]. I saw them almost immediately my first day back. I was going down to my dressing room, and they had just finished a scene.” One not-so-familiar face was Isabel Durant, who plays the new Claire. “She’s the sweetest. We clicked almost immediately, so that was really nice.”

Meanwhile, logistically, things couldn’t have worked out better, with Adams, his girlfriend Shelby Wulfert and their roommates making a strategic move. “I’m actually right down the street from the DAYS studio … like five minutes from work,” he smiles. “I don’t have to get on a highway. I get there on one road.”