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ICYMI: Kirsten Storms Interview

On The Occasion Of Her 15th GH Anniversary, Kirsten Storms Looks Back On The Highlights Of Her Run As Maxie. 

Best Thing About Playing Maxie: “The little moments that they give me, like, the subtleties of her responses. The fans don’t see it but they’ll write something in the [script] for a reaction or whatever. Sometimes when I read it, I’ll be like, ‘Huh. This seems odd to have this here.’ But then I get upstairs and run my lines with that actor and the note that the writers put in makes so much sense, or that note gives me an idea of how to expand that idea. It’s a constant challenge and I like challenging myself.”

Best Thing About Working With Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie): “When they bring her back as a ghost, she and I run to each other and hug each other like we haven’t seen each other in 10 years. She’s just the sweetest. Mark Teschner, our casting director, who’s won countless Emmys, not only hires extremely talented people, but I feel like he can see into their souls when he’s casting them. He picks people who are grateful to work there, appreciative of the other actors and what they’re bringing to the table,
and Lindze is no exception. She’s just a beautiful person inside and out. I wish they had never killed her off. That damn Text Message Killer!”

Favorite Maxie Outfit: “The ‘Spixie’ wedding dress. Oh, my God, I loved it. And when Mary Iannelli was the designer, the outfits she chose for
all the ’40s flashbacks I had with Bradford [Anderson, Spinelli]. I felt like a movie star in those outfits.”

Best Thing About Working With Kristina Wagner (Felicia) And John J. York (Mac): “They’re both such nice people. I feel close to them. Kristina is like a ray of light. She’s just always so happy and considerate and asks how I’m doing and gives me a hug if she feels like I need one. And John is great, too; he’s fun and jokes around. He’s just like a dad. It’s really just a pleasure to work with both of them.”

Favorite “Spixie” Moment: “Spinelli/ Maxie is my favorite Maxie relationship, and my favorite ‘Spixie’ moment was getting stuck in the sewers. That was just so much fun! In all my scenes with Bradford, I have such a different energy, something that I’m not able to replicate with anyone else, and that’s all due to his talent and what he brings to the table. And can I just say, the trio of Spinelli, Jason and Maxie, that needs to be revis- ited. There is so much stuff that could be going on with the three of them, espe- cially during the times they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with Peter.”

Favorite Maxie Rival: “I’ll say Elizabeth, but I didn’t love bickering with Becky [Herbst, Elizabeth]! It made me feel so bad ’cause she’s so nice and I love her so much.”

Favorite Memory Of Working With Julie Marie Berman (ex-Lulu): “When I think back to those years, I just remember the storylines they gave us about disliking each other. I think about the episode where they put tape down the center of their apartment to separate the apartment. We had so much fun bickering because we got along so well. Working with Julie was great. She’s such a talent. It was so sad when she left.”

Best Thing About Working With Emme Rylan (Lulu): “When Julie left, I was determined to hate her replacement — and then that replacement ended up being the best friend I’ve ever had in my life! She knows everything there is to know about me; we have that sort of relationship with each other. Feeling that comfortable with a person you’re in a scene with is so amazing because you feel free to try new things and take risks. We’ll read scenes separately at home when we’re prepping and both come in the next day being like, ‘Oh, man, I don’t know how we’re going to do this.’ And then we read them with each other and it clicks, and then we’ll go upstairs and they’ll be the best scenes we’ve ever had.”

Best Thing About Working With Kelly Monaco (Sam): “I actually have a conspiracy theory about [why Maxie/Sam scenes are scarce these days]! The last day they gave us regular scenes together, Kelly and I had a bag of cookies and for some reason, we could not keep it together. We were giggling, we couldn’t remember our lines, we were giggling some more…. They kept telling us to quit. Ever since then, we have not really worked together! But I live down the street from her and I see her frequently. Becky, Kelly and I have an ongoing group text. During the quarantine, every two or three days we’re checking in on each other, we’re venting to each other, we’re laughing about stuff…. Kelly is another person who knows my life. I feel comfortable and safe with her. I call her in a moment where I wouldn’t call anyone else because I need advice on something or whatever, and she does the same with me. She’s like a sister. It’s sad we don’t have more on-camera stuff.”

Favorite “Naxie” Moment: “When we were handcuffed together. I always enjoy the begin- nings of relationships the most because there’s that love/hate thing happening and that’s so much fun to play, the anticipation. So yeah, when they were handcuffed together — and when Maxie would randomly see him shirt- less and get all flustered.”

Favorite Storyline: “Selfishly, Nathan’s death, because I feel like that challenged me the most as an actor. I had to cry for weeks. I don’t like crying in a scene unless I feel like I can really make it believable, and some days, it’s so difficult to get to that place. But I felt like the story and the writing of Nathan’s death impacted me so much that it was … I don’t want to say easier, but I could connect with what I was doing more because it was written just so beautifully.”

Best Thing About Working With Finola Hughes (Anna): “Oh, my God, I feel like such
a terrible actor when I work with her! Finola makes it look effortless. The scenes I’ve had with Finola where I’ve had to be emotional, that’s the easiest I felt it’s been to cry ’cause you feel so in touch with what you’re talking about because of what she brings. No one could ever play Anna besides Finola. I can’t even describe it. Amazing!”

Best Thing About Working With Wes Ramsey (Peter): “Outside of Emme, Wes is the best scene partner I’ve ever had. He’s a classically trained actor and I feel like I’m in the presence of somebody who really knows what they’re doing. I’m very free-spirited when I’m up on set. He and I balance each other out really well. As far as our favorite scenes, I loved the way they sort of built their relationship up. We haven’t had much to do since we got together; it’s been me not noticing that he’s got his hand in something bad. I know for some fans it was difficult to wrap their minds around because he’s Nathan’s brother, but I thought the building of their love for each other was very sweet.”

Favorite Set: “I’m super-attached to Maxie’s apartment. I love that they’ve not have her move. When [Executive Producer] Frank [Valentini] joined the show, he had it redecorated, and I just love it. It feels like my house.”

Best Thing About Maxie Fans: “I’m beyond appreciative and very aware of the support that the fans give my character. I might not respond to every direct mes- sage I get on Instagram, but I read them. I feel that they get what I try to do when I’m doing my scenes. The fact that they love and support Maxie and the choices I have made to play her gives me more con- fidence to continue making those choices. That’s priceless. I mean, I wouldn’t have created Maxie the way I have without them because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable to do those things. Maxie is who she is because the fans are so great.”

Best Thing About Hitting The 15-Year Mark: “It absolutely doesn’t feel like 15 years. It’s such a good work environ- ment that the last 15 years have gone by so quickly. I truly appreciate the people that I get to work for. Frank Valentini, for example, is like everything to me. He’s been the best boss I’ve ever had. It really feels like a family environment. When I think about going to work, I think about seeing Emme and Kelly Monaco and Becky Herbst — I’ve just known them all for so long. It’s fun to go there. It feels like such a blessing to work someplace that you love.”