ICYMI Jason Biggs Interview

First, you were a troubled teen in Oakdale, then went on to the American Pie franchise. Is that the role you’re best known for?

“Well, I’ll say this. There is absolutely nothing that’s annoying for me about the American Pie movies or being involved in it. Certainly not anymore. It changed my life and it’s the reason I’m still here, still in the game today. But it certainly feels like it happened overnight, where I was the young dude in American Pie and now I’m playing the dad to kids who were born after American Pie came out. It is pretty surreal.”

Have your TV kids seen the movies?

“[One], so maybe in season 3 we’re going to have a fun viewing party. Look, I’m lucky, very lucky that I’m still here. A movie like that, to even have been involved with that in the first place, is incredible. But the fact that I’ve come out of it and I’m still able to be working now, I feel extra-lucky. So do I hope that this erases anything? Certainly not. I hope it just adds to it.”

Even though you’re a husband and father of two, you still have that boyish quality about you.

“It’s drugs. It’s drugs … special injections that I take daily. It’s amazing and they’re very expensive. I’ve spent all my American Pie money on it. But I will say this: The craziest thing is not the kids that come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you’re in that movie.’ It’s the kids that come up to me and go, ‘My dad is a big fan of yours.’ I’m, like, ‘Wait, what? How old are you, and why?’ FML. But yeah, it’s my life for the rest of my life.”

Does being a real-life father help playing a dad on OUTMATCHED?

“I can speak to raising children now and what I know from people who have talked about raising children [back in the day], it’s changing so rapidly. I’m sure every generation of parents will say that, about how different it is to the previous generation but with technology, it has really changed the game, and it lends itself to this style of comedy. All of this great Internet, viral stuff can really play into telling parental jokes now, and it’s just a different way of parenting. If it’s impossible to keep up with your kids in general, imagine trying to raise a kid in this time where the Internet and technology has changed everything.”

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