ICYMI: Christie Clark Interview


Credit: JPI

Christie Clark (Carrie) returned to Salem from her new home in England to honor Peggy McCay (ex-Caroline)


Soap Opera Digest: When did you get the call to return to DAYS?

Christie Clark: I received the call to return a few weeks before they needed me in the winter of 2018.

Digest: Were you still traveling around the world with your family?

Clark: We had just stopped traveling around the world a few months before and we’re just getting into the groove of normal life in the U.K. Big move … indeed.

Digest: What went into the decision to move to England?

Clark: Moving to England had always been in the cards for us. My husband is from England and we have a built-in system of splendid friends and a big family. Tom and I always thought it would be good to give our kids [daughters Hannah, 11; Emma, 8; and Charlotte, 5] a taste of California life and a good dose of English life.

Digest: Did you still plan on acting if the opportunity arose?

Clark: I will always act. Love it and think about it all the time. There seems to be a lot of opportunities out in the U.K. now and we have a lot of friends in the industry out here.

Digest: What went into returning to DAYS to film?

Clark: To return to DAYS, I had to figure out how to share the loaded world of my mommy juggling. After that was complete, it was easy. Hop on a plane with no kids and watch as many films as I pleased! And learn my lines, which after some time off is always daunting.

Digest: What was it like to come back knowing you were going to shoot Caroline’s memorial?

Clark: That was horrendous to know it was for Caroline’s funeral, as well as the fact to know that my legendary fellow actor Peggy McCay was no longer on this earth. That is why I made the trek to California: to say good-bye to Peggy. Even though I couldn’t make it to her real funeral, it was somehow more fitting to say good-bye to her in the spot that was our home of Salem for so many years.

Digest: What are your favorite memories of Peggy?

Clark: So many wonderful memories of Peggy. Peggy was one of the first people to pull me into acting and relish every second of it. Peggy beamed when she performed. I never had to prepare for a crying scene with Peggy, she just took you along for the ride and pulled out emotions from everyone she worked with. She never tired of me asking over and over again, “What was it like to be in acting class with Lee Strasberg, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando?”

Digest: What stands out to you when you think of her?

Clark: Peggy stands out for being an independent woman before it was cool.  Fierce protector of animals, LGBTQ, AIDS and people that were in need of some TLC. And she was amazing at being bold and making a fool of herself.

Digest: How would you describe the filming of these scenes? What was the mood like?

Clark: Filming the funeral scenes was just like going to one of my real grandparents’ funerals. I knew 80 percent of the cast and adore them. So, we hugged and laughed about stuff in between takes. There was no acting that day as far as I could tell. The only thing was I had cried so much about losing Peggy in the previous months, that my tears had dried on the day of filming. But, it felt like real life in our make-believe land in the Midwest.

Digest: What was it like to be with all of the Bradys?

Clark: Being with all the Bradys/Hor-tons/Carvers and everyone in between at the Brady pub was the best. Most of my childhood scenes were filmed there and it was a true homecoming.

Digest: Head Writer Ron Carlivati told us that Carrie is harboring a secret. What can you say about that?

Clark: All I can say is, when it rains it pours. More drama for this mama. Seems like bad things happen in threes. But, then there is a cherry on the sundae at the end. Or so I think.

Digest: Would you come back again?

Clark: Absolutely. It’s a massive part of my life from the past. And always fun to dip into Salem. But I plan to start acting again soon in the U.K. now that all my little chicks seem to be settling into life now.

Digest: How is life abroad?

Clark: Life abroad is full of rich history, eccentric English types, pubs, fabulous walks and colorful conversations. Just another massive adventure!

Digest: What do you miss most about the United States?

Clark: I miss the enthusiasm of the U.S. and my family and friends. But everyone is coming to visit, so we will be just fine.

Digest: What do you love most about being in England?

Clark: Thrilled that my ladies are getting a fabulous education. Love having a ton of family to hang with. Seems like I’m living in the Hobbit land of J.R.R. Tolkien without the scary bad guys trying to get the ring.