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ICYMI B&B's Tanner Novlan Interview

Tanner Novlan Looks Back At The Highlights Of Playing B&B’s Finn

What do you remember most about your first day? “I would say I remember getting my bearings, controlling my nerves, and wanting to fit in to the best of my ability, because it is such a well-oiled machine and I did not want to be the one gear that was causing it to crumble. I remember observing how everyone worked, picking up on their different styles, and trying to adapt to their styles and make the most of my work environment.”

What is your favorite thing about playing Finn? “I like that he is a good man. He is a good husband and father. He is a dedicated doctor. He always tries to do what is right, even when it came to saving Sheila’s life. I admire that about him.”

What is your favorite set? “I have always loved the CEO office at Forrester. It is such an iconic set. I remember seeing it as a kid and anytime I shoot in there, I have to pinch myself for a second.”

What is your favorite storyline? “Last year’s Monte Carlo story, where we got to play the reunion of Finn and Steffy. It was so beautifully written, and the fact that we were able to do that overseas was just amazing. It was such an epic moment, and it was so well-received, and all the ‘Sinn’ fans were able to rejoice. That was such a great story and I really loved that.”

So is it a safe bet to say Monaco was your favorite location shoot? “Yes! Absolutely! That was one of the amazing perks that I had heard about working for B&B, because I joined during Covid. We were the first show in North America to operate under the new Covid guidelines, so my experience had been totally different from everyone else who joined the cast before or after. Everyone had been saying, ‘Oh, this show is different. We travel almost every year or year and a half,’ whatever it was, that was all I heard. I was like, ‘Okay….’ But then Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] came up with this storyline and I was so excited to be a part of it. I am so grateful that I got to go overseas and shoot the show there and to actually see the real international exposure of the show. It was a phenomenal experience, one that I will never forget.”

Do you have any favorite scenes? “I always enjoy when we get a glimpse into Steffy and Finn’s domestic life. I always think that is fun to explore, to see their day-to-day with the kids. She runs an amazing fashion house. He is a successful doctor but there is nothing more humbling than children. They don’t care. I think it’s always fun to see Steffy and Finn as mom and dad.”

Who is your favorite B&B rival? “I think there is a lot to explore there with Liam, especially considering his history with Steffy and the life they once shared. And, Finn’s ability to encourage Steffy to move away from all of that. Family is everything to Finn and anything that threatens that is really going to let us see a different side of Finn. That is going to be really fun to explore.”

What was your favorite line of dialogue? “There is one that is really popular right now. It’s the ‘little puke’ line, and it is a pretty good one. It was when Finn called Liam a little puke. Now, I don’t know if Scott [Clifton, Liam] appreciates that as much as I do [laughs], but it is a good one. It’s good to see that new dynamic between Liam and Finn.”

What is your favorite thing about working with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy)? “I love working with her, just the ease of it, and how fun we are and how accommodating we are to each other’s work, and how well we complement each other. She is a really great teammate.”

What is your favorite thing about working with Naomi Matsuda (Li)? “Naomi is such a nice and sweet and open person. I love it when she turns on the stern mama bear Li, and then it is so much fun to watch her laughing and goofing but then she turns it up. I love watching that shift when we rehearse. She is mama bear.”

Speaking of mama bears, what is your favorite thing about working with Kimberlin Brown (Sheila)? “She is so interesting to work with because she brings so much to the plate to play with. I really enjoy seeing her angles. She is so good at manipulating the scene and it is really fun to hit the ball back and forth with her.”

What is your favorite thing about working with John McCook (Eric)? “Oh, my gosh. He is so open and giving and natural and funny. And he really sets the tone for the rest of the cast in that way. That is why I think we are the best cast in soaps because we have people like him there.”

What is your favorite thing about working with Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)? “I would absolutely love to work more with Kelly. Finn has not spent much time with the Logans but she is like McCook in that way. She is open and giving and available as an actor. She is so incredibly talented and it is always great to play back and forth with both her and John whenever the opportunity comes up.”

What is your favorite thing about working with Matthew Atkinson (Thomas)? “It’s fun and to be honest, I think it will be really interesting to see that whole brother-in-law dynamic play out.”

Who is your favorite past scene partner? “I would say Ted King [Jack]. He did such a great job with Jack Finnegan. I thought we had some powerful moments there and that story is still open. We don’t know where it will land with Jack and the past. I think it would be amazing to revisit that.”

What was your favorite thing about working with your wife, Kayla Ewell (ex-Caitlin), on the show? “That was so great! We were on location, no less [in Malibu]. It was during Covid and she was standing in for Jacqui, so I got to kiss my wife on the show, which is fun to watch because when they do the playback of that kiss, boy did she lay a good one on. That set the tone for Steffy and Finn right off the bat [laughs].

When we first met Finn, he was single. What is your favorite thing about playing Finn as a dad? “It has gone into my toolbox, so to speak, all those scenes with the kids. I have two kids of my own and so I can really place myself in that scenario, much easier than if I didn’t have my two little munchkins. And so any stuff like that hits really close to home, and I enjoy exploring that. As painful as it can be sometimes [laughs], it all contributes to making it work.”

What is your favorite fan encounter? “Recently we did a fan event and seeing everyone there together, it was really impactful for me. Overseas, as well. Seeing all the overseas fans was eye-opening. A lot of my interaction with fans was through social media and whatnot and now to see people again, up close and personal, has really been a lot of fun.”

What is your favorite thing that you look forward to in Finn’s future? “Honestly, it is just fun to explore the different directions and see which way they will go. Finn is a really clean slate so I can’t wait to see what directions they may take the character.”