Hunter King (Summer, Y&R) shares her top recommendations

Netflix Series: “One of my favorites right now is LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM. It is the sweetest show and warms your heart. It’s about people on the [autistic] spectrum finding love and it makes you believe in love.”

Memoir:Always Young And Restless by Melody Thomas Scott [Nikki] of course. I just started it last night and I have the week off so I’m planning to really get into it.”

Nonfction Book: “I love to read from The Dalai Lama Book of Quotes. I keep it on my nightstand so I can read a couple of quotes to settle my mind just before I go to sleep.”

Grocery Store Product: “I’m an avid Trader Joe’s fan and every time I’m there, I have to pick up two or three bags of their Dried Chili-Spiced mangoes. They are so good and taste like spicy sweet candy. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.”

Singer: “Her name is Maggie Rodgers [r.] and she’s my new favorite artist even though I’m a little late to the game. I would call her music ‘pop alternative’. I’m trying to broaden my horizons with music. ‘Alaska’ is my favorite Maggie track.”

Podcast: “Mark Groves Podcast. It’s all about relationships and human connections! [And] I love SuperSoul Conversations with Oprah Winfrey. Anything Oprah, count me in. She’s so inspiring. I’ve read all of her books, too.”

App: “I’m really into Pinterest because I’m moving soon and I’m trying to decide what kind of furniture I want to buy and what style I want to go with. I have all these different boards I’m working with.”

Romantic Comedy: “One of my all-time, I-can-watch- it-all-the-time favorites is 50 First Dates. It’s just a feel-good, happy movie, and Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are so magical in it.”