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Hillary B. Smith on Bo & Nora

When Weekly spoke with Hillary B. Smith in December, she and Bob Woods had just taped Bo and Nora’s big fight scene.

Bo and Nora reunion?
“The jury’s out,” she said. “We have to see how it develops. They’re keeping the scripts very close to the chest so I don’t get to see a lot down the road. But I think that this is a lot of history that they’re digging up.”

As far as Bo revealing that he never forgave Nora for sleeping with Sam, “There comes a point, when one mistake being held over somebody’s head for as long as this mistake has been…it’s getting to be a bit much. At some point, if he can’t forgive her then he’s the one that can’t move on. In my humble opinion. It comes to the point where, if the past is the past, then move on. Everyone’s entitled to mistakes and God knows nobody’s perfect in this town. There can be a harshness of judgement that goes around. Nora has done her penance.”

New Life at One Life?
“I’m not really involved enough in the story to feel any of the major differences,” she said of new head writer Dena Higley‘s work. “I just know that there were a lot of loose ends being wrapped up real quick and that does seem to impact the District Attorney’s office (i.e. the murder investigations). I think this fight is the beginning of something that is interesting. I don’t know where it’s moving it to, but you do see movement in this relationship. And I don’t think this is something that you’re going to see happening in the next couple of months. I hope it doesn’t, but there’s a lot of history to go through and a lot of hurt to unravel so I think the fact that there is any discussion of it at all is good movement.”