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The Good-Bye Girl

Soap Opera Digest: Hi, Rachel! It’s great to hear from you. I only wish it were under better circumstances.
Rachel Kimsey: I guess we can only do what we can do [sighs]. Everyone was surprised. I was also sick when I got the call.Digest: That’s terrible. Are you feeling better?
Kimsey: Yes, I am. I was barely functioning. But you know what? When you’re in pain, you’re like, “Well, nothing hurts worse than what I’m going through right now, so I’ll be okay.”

Digest: That’s a positive way of looking at it.
Kimsey: Well, my story the last couple of weeks has been great, so I can’t complain. I’m more concerned about Greg [Rikaart, Kevin, whose character is interested in Mac]. He was like, “What happens to me? There’s no ‘us’ anymore.” So now we have to start pulling for him.Digest: Will you and Greg keep in touch?
Kimsey: Yes, he and I are quite close. I’m also close with Michael Graziadei [Daniel] and Adrianne Leon [Colleen], even though she’s fairly new to the show. My great fantasy, actually, is that I’ll get a job in the other half of the CBS building so I can keep coming back to visit.Digest: It’s funny that you say that because some people have seen some similarities between you and Maitland Ward [ex-Jessica, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL]. Since you’re a natural blonde….
Kimsey: Oh, that would be great if I did B&B. I’d love that.Digest: So you are open to doing another soap?
Kimsey: Let’s not kid ourselves. Most actors are just looking for work because it’s really nice to be employed. I’m looking for something else I think is exciting. It was so fun to go to work in such a great environment, and really enjoy what I did every day that I don’t want to settle for less than that. I want to find something else that excites me, someplace else that I can go. I’ve read some great things that I’m definitely considering. I’m looking for something a little dark and edgy. Mac’s such a nice girl, it’s like, “Let’s mix it up. Let’s try something else.”Digest: What would your dream role be?
Kimsey: Know what? I want to do DANCING WITH THE STARS. Oh, my gosh [laughs]! That’s my dream role.Digest: So you enjoy dancing?
Kimsey: Oh, yeah. Before it was even a popular show, before anyone was actually watching it, just like the first week or two it was starting, I was like, “How fun would it be just to go and dance for eight weeks?” I would give up everything else. Especially watching Lisa [Rinna, SOAP TALK; ex-Billie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES] on it, I was like, “That would be fun. I could do that.”Digest: Well, you are athletic. You do have your stunt work background.
Kimsey: Yeah, I figure if I can fall, I can stand up, right [laughs]?Digest: What are your thoughts on returning to Y&R?
Kimsey: That’s sort of my fantasy. Tracey Bregman [Lauren] and Christian J. LeBlanc [Michael] were both like, “We’ve left and come back!” And look how great their storyline is. My plan is that Mac should be running Genoa City in about 10 years. I mean, think about it. She’s 21 years old, she already owns a company [Crimson Lights]. The Chancellor Corporation was the biggest company in G.C. for years and years and years. I think she should come back on top. She should be groomed by her grandmother, Katherine, to run the show. In 10 years, Mac’s gonna kick Victor Newman out. Come on. It’ll be a big rivalry between Mac and Nick and Victoria. It’ll be great. I’m loyal to Mac, what can I say?Digest: Well, you can always take up writing if the acting thing doesn’t work out. Seriously, what have you taken from your experience at Y&R?
Kimsey: I can’t even tell you all the lessons I’ve learned. Learning how to make choices really quickly, learning how to define a character, obviously learning how to memorize tons and tons is a skill. Learning how to work really fast was such a change from anything I’d done before. This was a shorter experience than I’d hoped, but I really took a lot from it. I really come away better.Digest: Now that you have some free time, what are you planning to do?
Kimsey: Maybe I’ll visit my sister in Spain for a week or two. She’s been a missionary there for the last year and a half and she’s being released in June.Digest: That sounds like fun.
Kimsey: I’m also learning the banjo!Digest: Are you any good?
Kimsey: I’m getting there. Though when I tried to play “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance, I discovered that it’s much more difficult than I’d imagined.Digest: Maybe with some more practice.
Kimsey: Well, if I get good enough, I won’t have to worry. If the acting thing doesn’t work out for me, I can always make some money by performing on a street corner somewhere.Digest: I’m pretty confident that you’re not going to have to do that.
Kimsey: So am I [laughs]! I have faith that things will work out.

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