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GL Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Josh and Reva stood outside of Cedars; Reva lingered at the door and was
apprehensive about her checkup. Josh’s attempts to calm her down weren’t
working, but she thanked him for coming with her. Josh said he owed her and
taking her to the doc was the least he could do. Later, Dr. Colin reassured
Reva that the lump might not be cancer at all; it could be a number of
things. After the test, Reva was surprised that Josh was still waiting for her; they
left together and bonded over coffee at CO2 while they waited for the test
results. When they returned to the hospital, Dr. Colin informed Reva she was
still cancer-free; Josh hugged her.

On their honeymoon, Jonathan and Tammy tumbled around in bed together. Jon
stared at his wedding band and freaked out that Tammy was actually his
“wife,” claiming something must be wrong because he was the happiest he’d
been in his entire life. Later, Mel called to tell Jon he was officially
granted temporary custody of Sarah pending Liz’s psychiatric evaluation. Of
course Jon was ecstatic, then he ridiculously jumped around and danced
saying, “There’s gonna be a baby here! Who’s your daddy?!”

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan cradled Sarah while Lizzie pondered how long
it would take before “they” came to take her baby away, then said that Sarah
was her only hope of ever getting Jonathan back. “Back?” Alan asked. He was
shocked and visibly disturbed that Lizzie was still trying to win Jon. When
Jon called Liz to tell her and Sarah to meet him on Main Street, Alan
convinced her to go alone and leave Sarah with him. After Liz left, Alan
made a call to bad boy (and now hit man) Gillespie to discuss possibly
putting a hit out on Jonathan but said he needed to talk with Liz first
before making any final decisions.

On Main Street, Jon was upset that Sarah wasn’t brought along then broke the
news to Liz that he was granted custody. “Don’t you dare talk to me like I’m
crazy!” Liz scathed. After she refused to go get Sarah, she threatened Jon,
who left to get his paperwork. Later, Lizzie broke down at the church, when
Remy entered. He was stunned to find out that Jon and Tammy had wed. When
Liz returned to the Spaulding manse, Alan saw how upset she was, hugged her
and asked her what she wanted him to do. When Liz told him to do whatever it
takes to stop Jon, Alan replied, “Now you’re talking like a Spaulding,
that’s my girl.” So then Liz called Jon, apologizing for her behavior and
begged Jon to meet her and Sarah at a place where no one could find him; Jon
agreed. When she hung up, Alan was right at her side. Liz said he could pay
Jon off, make him go away or whatever—just make him stop trying to take
Sarah. Meanwhile, Jon prepared to leave and left a note for Tammy, who was
at the church and also ran into Remy. He was upset; Tammy said she never
meant to hurt him. On the way back to her pad, Tammy overheard Gillespie
talking about Jon and saying something about “taking care of it”; she
freaked when she discovered Jon was gone so she called Remy to tell him she
thought Jon was in trouble, but Remy was too bummed out to help her.

Later, Jon waited to meet Liz while a crying and panicked Tammy drove to
find him and made desperate calls to him informing him that he was being set
up, but he wouldn’t answer his phone. As Jon waited by the side of the road,
a villainous-looking Gillespie drove fast in his car, music blaring, and
approached Jon, who looked scared and confused as the headlights from the
oncoming car blinded him.

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