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GL Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Jonathan was overprotective around Tammy because he was worried Sandy was going to try something now that they’re at school together. Tammy tried to reassure him. Billy called Jonathan because of a problem with the bar, so Jon took off to meet him, while Sandy stopped by the farmhouse, and offered to take Tammy to school for registration. Tams was surprised to learn that she and Sandy were in the same class. Meanwhile, at CO2, Billy filled Jonathan in on what was happening at Outskirts. Apparently several minors had been caught in the bar during a raid, and the place could now be closed. Billy pointed out one of the kids who used a fake ID, so Jon grabbed the kid and demanded to know where the IDs were from. The kid described someone who sounded a lot like Sandy, sending Jonathan into a tailspin. Billy tried to calm Jonathan down. At the same time, Tammy realized that Sandy, who was driving her home from school, was going the wrong way.

At Lewis Construction, Wanda the receptionist gave Jeffrey the cold shoulder when he came looking for Reva. Apparently the DA had thrown the book at her boyfriend some months before. “You are no Prince Richard,” she told him. Meanwhile, Cassie apologized to Josh on the phone for whatever she supposedly did to him, because she felt like he was avoiding her. Harley met her there and they talked about handling their grief. Harley flashed back to sleeping with Mallet and admitted there was a wrong way to handle grief. Later, Alan-Michael approached Harley and offered his condolences, but admitted that the Spaulding board wanted an actual Spaulding at the helm.

Later, Marina tried to comfort Alan-Michael over losing his dad. She encouraged him to open up about his feelings, and he ended up revealing his difficult relationship with both Alan and Phillip. Alex overheard the conversation and when Marina was out of the way, she confronted him over having a plan to take over Spaulding.

Cassie learned from Malone, a government agent, that the files on Jeffrey and his mission in San Cristobel had disappeared. Jeffrey walked in on them, and later questioned his relationship with Cassie.

Mallet was testy while out shopping with Dinah. She thought he was having a bad time, and told him he could leave, which she was used to from men. He insisted he was exactly where he wanted to be, but later was tense when the couple found Harley outside Mallet’s room looking for her planner. Dinah told Mallet to go after Harley and take care of her. Mallet found Harley and insisted they discuss the sex and deal with what it meant.

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