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GH Stars Dish About Halloween

The Trick-Or-Treaters: Carolyn Hennesy (Diane), Evan Hofer (Dex) and Roger Howarth (Austin)

Favorite Scary Movie


Hofer: “I am not a horror guy at all, but for some reason, zombies don’t affect me. Zombieland is my favorite horror-esque movie.”

Howarth: “THE FINAL ROSE on Tubi [in which he appears]. I haven’t seen it yet, but so far it’s my favorite scary movie.”

Best Candy

Hennesy: “You can always find me hovering over a Snickers bar.”

Hofer: “Snickers. I just traveled to Europe, tried a bunch of different stuff, and I was like, ‘You cannot beat a traditional Snickers!’ ”

Howarth: “I like Snickers. I like Almond Joy. I like watermelon Jolly Ranchers because watermelon is, without question, the best Jolly Rancher flavor. Some people say it’s cherry, but they’re just wrong.”

Worst Candy

Hennesy: “Wax lips. Candy corn. Liquid in tiny little glass bottles.”

Hofer: “I very adamantly hate a couple of different candies, but I’m gonna say Red Vines. I will not touch a Red Vine. I’m a Twizzler purist.”

Howarth: “Candy corn.”

Favorite Pumpkin Dish:

Hennesy: “Pie! For me, I like a tiny little bit of pumpkin pie with my whipped cream.”

Hofer: “Very specifically, Costco pumpkin pie. Years ago, a neighbor of mine brought me some pie and it was the best one I ever tasted. I said, ‘You’ve got to give me the recipe!’ and she said, ‘Evan, I got it at Costco.’ ”

Howarth: “If I go to Starbucks, I get their pumpkin loaf, not warmed up. It’s not bad.”

Spookiest Sound

Hennesy: “Dead silence and then after just a little bit, the tiniest little creak of a floorboard.”

Hofer: “Silence.”

Howarth: “Insincere laughter.”

My Best Halloween Costume Ever

Hennesy: “Halloween 2019, I dressed up as a crazy, porcelain-faced doll with a crazy wig and a horrible mask and a Swiss pinafore dress. Kids would come into my yard and see me sitting in a chair, not moving, with a red light on me, with my legs splayed like a macabre doll near a bowl of candy, and the moment they got close, I would move just a leg and they would scream. And my friend, who was in the exact same costume, would be standing behind them at that point. The kids lost their tiny little minds! That was the best.”

Hofer: “My mom used to go off when I was a baby. We did THE ADDAMS FAMILY one year and I was the baby with the mustache.”

Howarth: “When my son was five, we went as matching Elvises. That was pretty great.”

Costume Philosophy: Instantly Recognizable Or More Obscure?

Hennesy: “More obscure, definitely. But comfort and warmth, those are the main factors.”

Hofer: “I like a fun take on recognizable. I do want everybody to be able to enjoy it.”

Howarth: “I think Halloween is for kids, so I don’t see the need for anything esoteric or oblique. I’m all for the patently obvious.”

Make A Costume Or Buy One?

Hennesy: “Neither. I usually sit in the back of the house in the dark with my dogs watching Vincent Price movies.”

Hofer: “Make. A made costume is awesome.”

Howarth: “I’d prefer to buy one. I don’t have the skill set to make one. I own a sewing machine, but I don’t know how to thread it.”

Host A Party Or Go To One?

Hennesy: “Go to one.”

Hofer: “Go to. That way I don’t have to worry about people staying at my house past when I would like to go to bed.”

Howarth: “I’d prefer to go to one.”

Haunted Houses: Sign Me Up Or Skip ’Em?

Hennesy: “Oh, I’d love to actually work at one of them, I love them so much!”

Hofer: “Absolutely not. Don’t invite me. Don’t bother.”

Howarth: “Skip ’em.”

Pets In Costumes: Yay Or Nay?

Hennesy: “No. Stop it, please. The pets don’t like it no matter what you think they’re saying to you.”

Hofer: “If they’re down for it, yay.”

Howarth: “One hundred percent nay. It seems cruel.”

Couples Costumes: Yay Or Nay?

Hennesy: “It can be a yay, depending. A good Sonny and Cher? That works!”

Hofer: “I think couples costumes are fun. I will coordinate with anybody, any day. Doesn’t have to be Halloween.”

Howarth: “I think it depends on the couple and it depends on the costume. I’m not going to sign off wholesale on that!”