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GH Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
As Robin and Patrick basked in their morning afterglow, the furniture movers returned the couch. Robin told them there must be a mistake but Patrick assured them there wasn’t. Robin didn’t believe that he actually wanted the piece because of the previous day’s argument. “How dare you accuse me of being thoughtful,” he barked. Robin wanted to be sure that the couch wasn’t just a gesture to make peace. He couldn’t seem to convince Robin that he enjoys being a grown-up. They then began bickering over the placement of an end table, which sent Robin storming out. At the hospital, Robin complained to Lainey about Patrick’s considerate behavior. The shrink was unable to spot the dilemma in the scenario. Robin claimed this was all a test for him to see how clingy she can be so he can dump her. Lainey advised Robin to lighten up. Patrick showed up. Robin suggested they break up. He replied by offering her the key to his apartment and asked her to move in.

Still reeling from chemo and frustrated that she was unable to assemble a toy for Kristina, Alexis couldn’t wait until Viola took the girls out so she could indulge in a marijuana cigarette. Alexis was unaware that while she smoked, she was being photographed. Later, when the girls returned with Viola, the toy was assembled and Alexis was pigging out on chocolate. Kristina was thrilled to see her mommy was feeling better and gave her a big hug.

At Metro Court, Sam’s background check came back with questions, but her interviewer, Mr. Maddox, said there were no problems with her application. As Sam had coffee with Jason, she received a call that she got the desk clerk job. She was elated, then wondered if Jason made a call on her behalf. He swore he had nothing to do with it. Sam showed up at work and picked up her uniform. After she left, Maddox told Sam’s supervisor to watch herself — no one wants to get on Jason Morgan’s bad side. Sam started her first day, and Maddox informed her about the hotel’s vault system.

At the nurses’ station, Lucky and Elizabeth made plans to meet for dinner at 7 p.m. As he got in the elevator, Lucky fondled the stolen vial of pills. Later, he almost popped a few, but didn’t.

At the hospital, Alcazar warned Mr. Craig that Sonny was a threat to the incoming shipment. Meanwhile, Ric gave Sonny a hard time about the trouble between he and Alcazar and demanded to know more about the incoming shipment. Sonny stayed mum, then went to visit Alcazar. Sonny demanded to know what the significance of the shipment was but Alcazar would only say that the shipment was bigger than both of them and he’d better stay out of it or else he will die. Sonny left and filled in Jason. They agreed it’s time to find out what Alcazar is up to.

Liz met up with Jason at the coffee house and mentioned her dinner date with Lucky. She headed over to the hospital, where Bobbie informed her that Audrey left to pick up Cameron at day care and take him home. When Bobbie expressed her happiness about their date, Liz quickly corrected that it was a dinner, not a reconciliation.

Ric received the photos of Alexis smoking pot and called the judge in his custody case. Shortly thereafter, the police showed up at the Lake House with a search warrant. They found the marijuana and arrested Alexis.

In a dock flophouse that overlooked the coffee shop, Mr. Craig met an assassin and handed him Sonny’s photograph. As Sonny and Jason left the coffee house, the gunman took aim at Sonny.

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