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Holiday Roundup

GH Faves Weigh In On The Holidays

The Merry Makers: Tabyana Ali (Trina), Cameron Mathison (Drew) and Laura Wright (Carly)

Favorite Holiday Movie:

Ali: “The Grinch.”

Mathison:Elf is just a classic and it’s my family’s favorite. We just laugh together and it never gets old. But another one that’s near and dear to my heart is the first Christmas movie I ever made, called THE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, with Kellie Martin.”

Wright: “RUDOLPH, THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, but I also really love Scrooged with Bill Murray.”

Favorite Christmas Carol:

Ali: “ ‘Santa Baby’. Is that a Christmas carol?”

Mathison: “My mom always thought it was ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’, and I don’t know why! Every time it came on, she would look at me and go, ‘Your favorite!’ Since we lost her last year, that’s got to be my favorite because my sweet mom thought it was mine and I never figured out why!”

Wright: “ ‘Away In A Manger’. ”

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

Ali: “Just spending time with family.”

Mathison: “On Christmas Eve, we go ice-skating in the mountains as a family in Colorado. I hope we do that forever and ever.”

Wright: “I give my kids one present to open on Christmas Eve and it’s always their pajamas. Then, Christmas morning, opening gifts by the Christmas tree and we have to say who’s the elf because one of my kids has to go get all the gifts and hand them out.”

Best Holiday Present I Got As A Kid:

Ali: “A Nintendo DSi.”

Mathison: “A pair of skis — Olin 870s. I wanted them so bad and I could tell by [the shape of the gifts] that they weren’t under the tree. I was kind of bummed and then there was a little box and inside it said, ‘Look in the closet,’ and they were in the closet.”

Wright: “A horse, when I was 12.”

Mistletoe: Yay Or Nay?

Ali: “I want to be a yay, so I’m just gonna say yay.”

Mathison: “Sure. Bring it on!”

Wright: “Oh, absolutely!”

Christmas Morning: Sleep In Or Wake Up Early?

Ali: “Depends on the night before, but sleep in.”

Mathison: “Man, times have changed. I used to get up early, but now I want to sleep in.”

Wright: “Wake up early.”

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Yay Or Nay?

Ali: “Nay.”

Mathison: “Yeah, sure!”

Wright: “Nay.”

Eggnog: Virgin, Spiked Or Not At All?

Ali: “I want to like it so badly. I like the thought of it, but I don’t like it, so skip the eggnog.”

Mathison: “I don’t drink eggnog, so I say spiked so everybody else can have a good time!”

Wright: “Not at all.”

Top Item On Your Gift Wish List:

Ali: “Cranberry juice [laughs]. You don’t have to give me a lot! I would love cranberry juice or socks or tote bags or journals.”

Mathison: “A trip to The Philippines. My wife and I are going for New Year’s Eve.”

Wright: “I just want great family photos. Or I’d like to have an experience, like, ‘Let’s get on an airplane Christmas morning and fly somewhere!’ ”

Your Tip For A Stress-Free Holiday:

Ali: “I think just basking in the moment. Don’t pick up your phone, don’t let distractions come and just be cool with yourself and your family and just enjoy the time that you’ve having together, because it could be short-lived.”

Mathison: “Have reasonable expectations and be able to roll with the punches. There’s gonna be changes, there’s gonna be problems, nothing’s going to work out the way you think it is — just roll with it and cherish everybody you’re with.”

Wright: “Get your shopping done early, do as much precooking as you can and start the day with a mimosa!”

Your Holiday Wish For The Fans:

Ali: “That ‘Sprina’ could just finally happen!”

Mathison: “That they enjoy the show! I’m still a relative newcomer to GH, and all I want to do is bring stuff to the canvas that people enjoy. This is their escape, and we do this for them, and I hope they enjoy their escape in the afternoon.”

Wright: “Not just for the fans — I wish for everyone to find peace and love and forgiveness in their heart. There’s a great Hawaiian prayer called Ho’oponopono and it’s basically, ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.’ That’s what I wish for everyone.”