Getting To Know Chrishell Stause

Soap Opera Weekly: Where are you from?
Chrishell Stause: Draffenville, Ky. — population under a thousand. It’s so small.

Weekly: Did you watch AMC before you landed the job?
Stause: Unfortunately, I was not that familiar with the show. But I’ve been watching since February, when I started the auditioning process. I know some people who are absolute fans of the show. I’ve done my homework and caught up.

Weekly: Does all of your family watch AMC now?
Stause: Of course they do!

Weekly: What did they think of you making your debut in skimpy underwear?
Stause: They just kind of laughed about it. They all watch soap operas, so they know how it goes. They just think it’s funny and are really happy for me. And it’s daytime, it’s not ever going to get too racy.

Weekly: What other work have you done before AMC?
Stause: I’m so fortunate, because I really hadn’t done anything [big]. I had done a lot of theater. I went to Murray State University and I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree. I moved to L.A., was there for a year, and this is the first gig that I got.

Weekly: What’s your favorite part of the job so far?
Stause: The job itself. I love going in and getting my hair and makeup done. I love when I can work the scenes before [taping] with the actors and really click it. I love the whole process.

Weekly: Do you have a support system here in New York?
Stause: I’ve been building it as I go. It’s a little hard, but I love the adventure of coming somewhere new. And I do adapt to new environments easily, so I’ve been making friends and going out when I can.

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