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General Hospital Spoilers Video: Teetering On The Edge

general hospital spoilers collage of liz, jake, joss, dex, finn, chase, nina.


Smooth Sailing?

The Metro Court pool is the location where Nina gets a welcome surprise today on General Hospital. She runs into Willow, who this time isn’t looking for a fight. Her mother definitely isn’t. “I’m certainly on board for more peace,” says Nina. We can’t blame her. She’s had enough drama for several lifetimes. Drew, the man they both have ties to, is also at the pool and someone is being nice to him. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” he says. Is he talking to Nina or Willow — or someone else?

GH spoilers tease that Dex issues an invitation. He reconnects with Joss and the two get to talking. Will she be apologizing for something because he seems to want to put the past in the past. “Some things are best left forgotten,” he says. Will this be another step towards reconciliation for these two?

Rough Seas Ahead

Elsewhere, Brook Lynn and Chase strategize. They want to figure out the best way to get through to Finn, who they realize is in a downward spiral. But approaching an addict to get them to face their problem can be tricky. “How does this end without one or both of them hating us?” asks Chase. Who is the second person he is referencing? Is this about Violet? Or does Chase mean Elizabeth?

She’s at the hospital with her son, Jake. Jake was shocked by what he saw. “I didn’t want to tell you, I had to, right?” he asks, as Liz looks a little shocked and even more than a little worried. Teasers say that Elizabeth confides in Stella. Will the older woman have wise words for the head nurse?

Is this all about Finn? He seems to be sinking fast as we see him at a bar, toasting shot glasses with a blonde stranger and possibly throwing away the life he loves.  See what’s ahead in the video below.

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