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Friends Indeed: Y&R's Melissa Claire Egan and Elizabeth Hendrickson

What draws Chelsea and Chloe together as friends?

Melissa Claire Egan: “They’ve always had a great connection. They’re very Lucy and Ethel, very yin and yang. They get each other into trouble, they get each other out of trouble. They give each other good advice and they’ll call each other out for any nonsense and I think that’s what real friends do.”

Elizabeth Hendrickson: “They also have the same drive and zest for life. They’ve worked really hard to get where they are and have made mistakes along the way. They’re really supportive of each other and just truly understand.”

What would a girls’ night out for them be like?

Egan: “Oh, it would be so much fun! There would be a lot of cocktails and dancing. And knowing Lizzie, there would be karaoke.”

Hendrickson: “A night out for them wouldn’t be different than a night out with Missy and Lizzie, which would be cutting loose without the husbands and kids. That would include a couple of bottles of wine, and, yes, some karaoke and dancing.”

Why has their relationship been able to weather so many challenges, like Chloe trying to kill Adam?

Egan: “Oh, that little thing [laughs]? I think that at their core, they love each other and a big part of friendship is forgiveness. Obviously, in real life you wouldn’t be able to forgive a friend who tried to kill your husband, but in Genoa City you do. I think because they understand each other on such a deep level that they sort of let some things slide that they wouldn’t let anyone else get away with.”

Hendrickson: “They’re true friends who know how to stick it out together through the hard times, which includes forgiving each other. The beautiful thing about their friendship is that whenever they’ve been gone from each other’s lives, they pick up where they left off and feel they haven’t lost any time in between.”

Who’s more loyal?

Egan: “Oh, I think they both are. At different times, it calls for different loyalties. They both have showed their devotion to each other during their entire friendship. They’ve been through a lot together, especially after Delia died, but even before that, Chloe was the one who convinced Chelsea to lie about the paternity of her baby to Adam and Dylan. So, they have quite the complicated and funny history. They’ve been through a lot together and that will always be hard for them to give up no matter what they do.”

Hendrickson: “I also say they’re equally loyal. Chloe has stuck with Chelsea through all of the Adam drama and Chelsea has been able to let go of the times Chloe has tried to kill Adam.”

What has been your favorite Chelsea and Chloe scene?

Egan: “I would say when Chelsea found out that Chloe killed Adam. It was just before Chloe was about to marry Kevin. There are so many funny moments with them that I absolutely love, but Chelsea confronting Chloe about killing Adam is my favorite.”

Hendrickson: “I don’t remember the context of the fight, but it was when they were really going at each other. Missy really grabbed me and I had bruises on my arms because we really went for it. Side note: Missy didn’t hurt me, it’s just I bruise very easily.”

Egan: “That’s my runner-up favorite. I think it was in 2014 when they did a fashion show together. I was wearing a black dress and Lizzie was in white, and Chloe was mad about Adam, so she cut up one of Chelsea’s designs at the fashion show. What I love about them is that they can go from being playful in one minute to really intense the next. You really get an array of emotions from those girls and I love that.”

Has Missy’s pregnancy and becoming a mother brought a new level of closeness to your friendship?

Egan: “Oh, definitely. Any time you go through something as life-changing and intense as motherhood, it bonds you. We were already very close and we became even closer.”

Hendrickson: “I learned very quickly when I was pregnant, there was this whole tribe of women who were there for me. It was like this secret little club that I never knew about and I was so happy to be a part of it. Missy and I had gone through the same struggles of getting pregnant so when she was expecting, I tried to support her the best way I possibly could. I was so excited for her to join this club because I knew it would be very magical for her.”

Egan: “From day one of my pregnancy, Lizzie was so helpful. She became a mom a year-and-a-half before me, and I had confided in her about the frustrations of my fertility problems, so she was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant. Right away, she sent me a 10-page email of, ‘This is what you need to get. This is a great stroller. This is the best carrier.’ She gave me her car seat after JoJo grew out of it and brought over diapers the week that my son was born. She has always been so generous with her help and advice.”

Hendrickson: “I knew Missy would be such an incredible mom and I loved sharing that experience with her.”