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Final Farewell

Springfield is still reeling from Coop’s tragic death last week on GUIDING LIGHT, but John Driscoll was surprisingly chipper when Digest chatted with the actor after his last day on set. Here’s what Driscoll had to say about his alter ego’s untimely demise, his castmate’s touching good-byes and his big plans for the future.Soap Opera Digest: When did you find out you were being written out and were you surprised?

John Driscoll: I was told about it in November and I get called into Ellen‘s [Wheeler, executive producer] office and all of a sudden she starts tearing up. I had this smile on my face and I said, “It’s okay. Go ahead and say it; it’s fine.” She said, CBS wants some drama and this isn’t the story we want to do, but this is the one they seemed most interested in.

Digest: Are you bummed you didn’t get to work with Grant Aleksander (Phillip) more?

Driscoll: Working with Grant was just great. He’s such a class act and I’m sure it’s going to give some great story between Beth [Chamberlin, Beth] and Grant.

Digest: What was your last day with the cast and crew like?

Driscoll: They had a huge good-bye. I came out and all of a sudden everyone was there and was I was still covered in blood! Ellen said some really wonderful things and it was very inspirational. A lot of people were crying, and I’ll admit I was a little bit, too [laughs]. You’ve seen others in this situation but when it comes to you being in it, it seems surreal and it’s like, “What do you say?” You bow gracefully or create waves. I have nothing but good feelings and thoughts and memories of working with the show. They gave me a great little medallion necklace that I can wear. It’s a fleur de lis and has some inspirational words engraved on it. It’s very fitting because it reminds me of New Orleans and the Find Your Light [campaign] we did back in 2007. It was a great gesture. We had some cake and everybody got up and said a few words.

Digest: Are you satisfied with Coop’s departure?

Driscoll: I’m very proud of it. Even though it’ll be sad to see my character go, it’s about telling a good story and I’m just glad that Coop was able to do that, but it was tough. It’s been four and a half years!

Digest: What’s next for you?

Driscoll: I’ll find something else. I don’t like to sit still for too long. I want to get out there and start hustling again. It won’t feel the same as being on GUIDING LIGHT, but I’ll move on to something else. I know the economy is kind of dictating what projects are going to be picked up. I’m not going to be closing the door to any options or prospects. I wish [GL] so well and many years, hopefully, if the show can sustain it.