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Fall Preview Spoilers


“We are really going to highlight the romance element of the show,” teases Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. “There are some new faces coming, and new couples. We’re going for some mystery storylines. It’s going to be hot.”

Steffy/Sheila/Finn/Jack: “Sheila is determined be a part of this family and Steffy is equally determined to have Sheila gone. Steffy’s marriage to Finn is being put to the test. As much as Steffy despises Finn’s birth mother, she loves him. The viewers also know that Jack is Finn’s biological father, and it’s great to have another secret lingering out there. Sheila will use that to have leverage and power over Jack. He is in love with Li and he doesn’t want that secret to ever get out, so Sheila comes in locked and loaded in many different ways.”

Eric/Quinn/Carter: “We are moving into a new chapter with Quinn, Eric and Carter. It hasn’t ended yet. We have a new twist coming in this fall which should raise a lot of eyebrows, a story I think maybe you’ve never seen before on daytime. It will be controversial.”

Ridge/Brooke: “Ridge and Brooke have set a new record for being happily married without any major incidents. Ridge is going to be very active protecting his daughter and Finn against any actions Sheila may take, as will Brooke, as well. Brooke also has deep suspicion and concern regarding Quinn. She doesn’t think Quinn is anywhere good enough to be the Forrester matriarch, so Brooke will be involved in the story with Quinn, Carter and Eric as it unfolds.”

Hope/Liam: “There is a mysterious person headed their way, which is going to add some great challenges to their young marriage and family. That is going to be a bit of a shocker. They have been happy since Liam has been freed from jail but there is more drama around the corner, some very interesting family drama involving a character that will return to the show.”

Paris/Zende: “Paris is going to have a few men who are interested in her — Zende, of course, and others. We’re gearing up for a great new chapter and a new story for Diamond White [Paris] that will involve Finn, Steffy and a few other characters.”

Thomas: “Thomas will have a new love interest. He’s trying to wean himself from Hope. He’s determined to do that and honor Liam and Hope’s marriage so yes, there is new love coming Thomas’s way.”

Justin: “We will be seeing more of Aaron [D. Spears, Justin] this fall in a whole different arena within the story of the show.”

Katie/Bill: “They’ve been living separately but they are determined to get their family back together. Bill is going to make moves. The whole hit-and-run cover-up [with Vinny] has been difficult for Katie to fully digest, but Bill is determined to win her back and we’ll see if he can.”


Executive Producer Ken Corday outlines what’s ahead in Salem.

Ben/Ciara: “Ben has major reservations when Ciara suggests they start a family. His past is so dark and you wouldn’t want that DNA to resurface, so he has reservations. It’s going to be nice to see them calm and without someone trying to blow them up. They are now a more substantial couple, a married couple, but certainly not boring. Them talking about having a baby leads to much bigger story.”

John/Marlena: “There’s a huge story coming up for them and I am very excited about it. John and Marlena will face a huge threat to their relationship and the audience will want to tune in.”

Chanel/Allie/Tripp/Johnny: “Even though Allie feels pangs of jealousy over Johnny dating Chanel, she decides to commit herself to Tripp. As for Johnny, he will do his best to woo Chanel and prove he’s not the player Allie has made him out to be. Also, look for Johnny to butt heads with EJ when Johnny decides to make a movie.”

Chad/Abigail: “It’s important to reset this couple; they’re a very popular couple. The viewers want more Chad and Abigail, so we’re going to give them that. Chad finally convinces Abigail to come home, but their marital problems are far from over. This all becomes more complicated when Johnny asks Abigail to play the lead in his film.”

Xander/Gwen: “We’re exploring the dynamic with this couple. They’re both not so bad at heart, and maybe will make each other better people by being together. Xander sacrifices his freedom for Gwen’s. Gwen tries to help Xander, but ends up in hot water herself.”

Jake/Gabi: “As Gabi and Jake move forward with their plan to take over Titan, Philip grows suspicious and turns to someone who he has teamed with in the past: Ava.”

Ava/Rafe/Nicole/EJ: “This is a strong four-some. Nicole realizes she’s interfering in Rafe and Ava’s romance, so she turns her attention to EJ, who is more than willing to help her forget about Rafe. EJ and Nicole have a rich history and it’s worth exploring.”

Paulina/Abe: “Paulina fights the temptation to reveal she is Lani’s mother, but her guilt starts to get the better of her, especially after Abe proposes.”

Chloe/Brady/Philip: “I’m thrilled that we’re revisiting the dynamic between both Chloe and Philip and Chloe and Brady, two couples who were very popular in the past. Chloe and Philip’s renewed connection will continue to blossom, but his jealousy of Brady threatens to derail their happiness.”

Julie/Doug: “Julie is concerned when Doug starts to show signs of mental decline. I love featuring Doug and Julie more, and this is going to be an impactful story.”


Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor break down what autumn bodes for Port Charles.

Sonny/Nina/Jax: “Sonny and Nina’s feelings for each other have become unable to deny. They are poised to take the next step in their relationship, but at the same time, Jax has begun to suspect that Sonny could possibly be alive. Does he try to stop Carly’s wedding, or does he go to Nixon Falls to see for himself if this could possibly be true? Nina could only keep this secret for so long. The question is, how will Sonny realize who he is and will he survive long enough to return to Port Charles?”

Carly/Jason: “Everybody knows by now that Jason and Carly must say, ‘I do’ to mitigate the threat of the Five Families. But not all of the rivals are going to be convinced by this wedding to keep the peace. The question is, will the biggest danger to them on their wedding day be mob activity, or the awakening of the long-repressed feelings Jason and Carly have had for each other?”

Anna/Valentin/Peter: “Anna and Valentin are hot on Peter’s trail and may prove the force that finally stops him.”

Drew/Sam/Dante: “Sam has a two-pronged investigation. On one prong, she has enlisted Curtis’s services and on the other, she has enlisted Dante’s help. So, together, Sam and Dante are finally on the same side of an investigation and that is finding out if it’s possible Drew could be alive. But Drew being alive could either bring Sam and Dante closer together, or it could make Sam’s developing feelings for him even messier. Drew seizes on every opportunity he can to better his situation and hopes that he will be able to escape and come home to Port Charles before Port Charles comes to him, which could only be dangerous for those loved ones seeking to save him.”

Shawn/Jordan/Curtis/Portia: “Shawn and Jordan’s search for Naomi’s killer sort of dovetails with Curtis and Portia’s prong of the Drew investigation, as Portia gets brought into the mix. So this quartet is realizing their cases are connected and they may be in possession of key clues in revealing the identity of the puppeteer pulling all the strings around the canvas.”

Brook Lynn/Maxie: “Brook Lynn is starting to feel guilty about Valentin’s growing relationship with his ‘daughter’, while Maxie is worried that Austin’s proximity to the Quartermaines could endanger their plans. Maxie hopes to keep her distance from Austin, lest he remember the night the babies were swapped; Brook Lynn hopes to use his fondness for Maxie to his advantage in the dispute over Edward’s will.”

Elizabeth/Finn: “Heightened emotions and adrenaline have definitely brought Elizabeth and Finn closer, but as time goes by, we will see how their friendship can further develop outside of an imminent threat.”

Ava/Nikolas: “Ava is ready to sacrifice her love for Nikolas in order to protect him and Avery, but she may find that their marriage has an unlikely savior in her good friend Trina.”

Alexis: “Alexis remains unnerved about Ryan’s presence in the same facility that she is [in]. She will find an unlikely ally in someone else who shares her suspicions, and that is Harmony.”

Britt: “Britt can’t shake her feelings for Jason but she finds herself focused on a new mission, and that’s finding out what happened to her mother.”

Chase: “Chase is ready to move on with his life. Obviously, he is still hurt, but he wants to find the next chapter for himself. However, he isn’t cleared to return to the force at full capacity right away, so he needs to figure out, what does the rest of his life look like? Thankfully, he has a good friend in Brook Lynn, who will help him.”

Michael/Willow: “Michael and Willow have entered into a period of romance that anyone who’s ever watched a soap opera knows can only last so long before outside events will put them to the test.”

Ned/Olivia: “Austin has concerns about Leo and that could jeopardize Ned and Olivia’s relationship.”

Sasha/Brando: “They are excited for their new baby, but the seemingly well-meaning Gladys could complicate things when a new scheme falls into her lap.”

The Teens: “Esme’s arrival in Port Charles and her very secret agenda heralds the beginning of quite a bit of mess for our younger set. Her interest in someone else in Port Charles could spell trouble for everyone.”

Laura: “Laura may be temporarily away from Port Charles, but her presence will still be felt, especially for her son and grandson.”


Co-Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith shares details about Genoa City this fall.

Victoria/Ashland: “Victor and Nikki will continue to support Victoria’s upcoming marriage to Ashland. However, Victor will do his due diligence — as only Victor can — and do a deep dive into Ashland’s history. Nick and Billy will have their own reasons for looking into Ashland’s mysterious past. Phyllis will use her skill set to help Nick, while Lily will be concerned about Billy’s complex relationship with Victoria and the lack of boundaries between them. We will soon learn that everyone’s efforts will only raise more questions than answers about Ashland Locke. Meanwhile, as Victoria plans their upcoming wedding, she will quietly question just how much she knows her future husband.”

Chelsea/Adam/Sally: “An intriguing cat-and-mouse game begins as Sally sets her sights on Adam Newman despite Chloe’s words of caution. Victor will warn Adam not to get distracted from his duties at Newman Media and, more importantly, their plans to take down ChancComm once and for all. Adam will also find himself managing his connections to both Chelsea and Sharon. Chelsea may be gone but she is keeping tabs on Adam … and Sally, who finds herself drawn to him and the possibilities an alliance or relationship can bring as she reinvents herself.”

Amanda/Sutton: “Amanda will be forced to deal with unfinished business, thanks to her vendetta with Sutton. We will see that Sutton refuses to go down without a fight as Amanda is more determined than ever to make him pay for her father’s death.”

Abby/Devon/Mariah: “Abby’s family will rally around her as she begins the journey of motherhood. Abby will face challenges like never before when her world is turned upside down by startling news. Amanda will help Devon as he figures out his role in Dominic’s life. Mariah may be rescued from captivity, but her problems are just beginning as she adjusts to being separated from ‘Bowie’. Mariah surprises Tessa when she proposes a life-changing decision for the couple. Sharon will put her skills to the test to help Mariah deal with the trauma of her experiences, and Rey will provide support, as well, as he assures both Sharon and Mariah that she is safe from harm.”

Jack/Phyllis/Nick: “Jack will lean on both Phyllis and Lauren as he adjusts to having an empty nest, thanks to Kyle and Harrison’s move to Italy. Jack will also be forced to take a hard look at his past and receives some unwanted help from those around him. Jack will come to terms with his feelings for Phyllis, which will have far-reaching effects on both her and Nick!”

Nate/Elena: “Nate and Elena will be tasked with finding time for romance as they balance their relationship with their increasingly busy professional lives.”

Kyle/Summer: “We will see Kyle and Summer later this fall when they reunite with their families for a long-anticipated visit.”

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