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Exclusive Y&R Preview: Nikki Falls Off The Wagon!

Melody Thomas Scott

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Drinking Alone: Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) can’t fight her urge for alcohol.

A distressed Nikki, imprisoned by Claire in the bedroom of her aunt Jordan’s house, has no idea why her assistant is subjecting her to such abuse. “At this point, it’s clear that Claire is someone with a serious axe to grind as she’s gone to great lengths crafting a plan to exact revenge against Nikki,” says Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith.  “Claire spent a great deal of time in Nikki’s world perfecting her plan of attack. She worked very hard to gain Nikki’s trust, ready to betray it at just the right moment.”

Things get more dire when Nikki , a recovering alcoholic, realizes that she’s in the throes of a drunken stupor because she’s been poisoned with liquor. “The decision to compromise Nikki’s sobriety shows her that someone has not only done their homework but that this takedown of Nikki is quite personal” points out Griffith. “While Drunk Nikki is entertaining for the audience, thanks to Melody Thomas Scott’s [Nikki] amazing portrayal, this chapter of the story finds Nikki in a very different place.”

Because Nikki’s been sober for so long, the booze in her system is affecting her intensely. She tries valiantly to resist the bottle of vodka that has been cruelly left in the bedroom with her. However, it becomes obvious that the urge to drink is taking hold and her resolve is waning. Nikki desperately grabs the bottle of vodka, twists off the top and is poised to pour the contents in a wastebasket, but she ultimately can’t bring herself to do so; her craving is too powerful and she gulps from the bottle as if it were water. After the bottle falls from her hands and shatters, Nikki sinks down onto the bed and buries her head in a pillow, sobbing. “In a very fragile state, Nikki tries to figure out why Claire is doing this to her and forced her off the wagon,” Griffith explains. “As she’s pushed over the edge, Nikki is experiencing shame and despair.”

Meanwhile, Claire shows up at  Newman Media. “Claire returns to Genoa City to activate the next phase of her revenge plot,” Griffith shares.  “We quickly learn that Nikki may not be the only member of the Newman family who is being targeted, plus Claire also enjoys leaving Nikki alone to suffer in silence.”

However, Claire is startled when she steps off the elevator and practically runs right into Victoria. Victoria admits that she forgot the name of her mother’s new assistant and Claire identifies herself. She excitedly explains that she’s there to pick up some work left behind in Nikki’s office that she wants to handle while spending time with her injured aunt. “Claire says, ‘Oh, my god, I’m so glad I ran into you! I just got a call that there’s been an accident with Nikki at my aunt’s house,’ ” Griffith notes. “Claire is quite calculated as she knows one false move will tip the Newmans off that the dutiful assistant is not all what she seems.”









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