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Exclusive: YOUNG AND RESTLESS's Melody Thomas Scott Previews Nikki's Turmoil!

Melody Thomas Scott

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Crossing Jordan: Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is holding out for a hero at Jordan’s lake house.

At Jordan’s lake house, Nikki continues to be caught up in her own personal drunken hell. “Nikki has no earthly idea why her ‘terrific’ assistant, Claire, has turned out to be her evil tormentor,” begins Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki). “That lack of knowledge makes what she’s going through even more frightening. At this point, Nikki is scared out of her mind with the knowledge that she has been injected with vodka unwillingly.  She is cognizant enough to know what that means. I don’t know that Nikki is even thinking about her MS right now. She has bigger immediate problems! Not to mention the fact that she has also started hallucinating!”

Nikki’s confusion about what’s real and what’s not deepens when, under her pillow, a picture of a woman who looks vaguely familiar. “Nikki stares at the photo for a good while, wracking her pickled brain to come up with a name,” notes Scott. “Even when she does realize that the woman in the photo is [Victor’s former secretary and Cole’s mother] Eve, her mental state is such that she can’t connect the dots between Eve and her current captors.”

Nikki falls back on the bed, the photo of Eve on her chest. When she open her eyes, she’s horrified to see Jordan standing above her. “Nikki is terrified of Jordan; the woman is evil personified,” points out Scott. “Even though Nikki still doesn’t know what’s going on, Jordan scares her.”

When Nikki asks what Jordan wants from her, Jordan urges her “guest” to rest and explains that Nikki shouldn’t have removed her IV because it’s important that she stay hydrated. Nikki glances down to see that the IV has been reattached to her arm. “Jordan’s level of insanity is extreme,” shudders Scott. “I don’t know that Nikki is thinking about revenge at this point, she is just trying to hold on to her sanity long enough to concoct an escape plan.”

Jordan announces that the Newmans should be here soon and at the appropriate moment, Nikki will be reunited with them. In the meantime, Jordan cautions, Nikki has to take it easy because she’s not a well woman. Nikki groggily accuses Jordan of  intentionally putting her in this condition. “First of all, Nikki doesn’t know if Jordan’s talk of the rest of the Newmans’ arrival is the truth or a lie,” Scott says. “Knowing that her family will also be in dire danger, Nikki almost hopes it’s not true. Of course, she is hoping for Victor to come to the rescue!”

Downstairs, Claire enters through the front door followed by Victor, Victoria and Nick. Just as an antsy Victor demands the name of the hospital his wife has been taken to, Claire hands them all glasses of water and looks deeply into Victoria’s concerned eyes while assuring her that Nikki is going to be fine. Jordan comes downstairs with a phony cast on her arm and greets them. When Victor once again barks that he wants to know where Nikki is being treated, Jordan tells them that it’s after visiting hours, which only angers Victor even more. So, who will prevail? Scott teases, “Jordan and Claire may think that Victor and the children have fallen into their trap but they fail to realize that when the chips  are down, the Newmans bond together to take on a common enemy.”