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Exclusive YOUNG AND RESTLESS Preview: Tucker Proposes To Audra!

Zuleyka Silver, Trevor St. John

Howard Wise/

On Their Marry Way? Tucker (Trevor St. John) pops the question to Audra (Zuleyka Silver).

Audra was surprised when she witnessed Tucker reject Ashley. “Tucker and Audra had a very tense exchange with Ashley the day before when they found her in Tucker’s suite,” says Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. “Although Tucker proved himself to Audra by refusing to talk to Ashley and asking her to leave, he secretly does harbor some guilt as he is worried about Ashley’s well-being despite what he sees as causing trouble between him and Audra.”

Audra believes she and Tucker could have a chance for a loving relationship if his ex-wife would simply butt out of his life. “Audra is convinced that Ashley is absolutely faking a mental health crisis and believes that Ashley is playing into Tucker’s hero complex,” notes Griffith. “Audra is not worried but rather annoyed as she cannot make any progress in her relationship with Tucker due to Ashley’s interference.”

After Tucker kicks Ashley out of his room, an impressed Audra ends up in his arms — and then his bed — as it looks like the couple has reconciled. “When Tucker stood his ground with Ashley, Audra was able to see him in a new light and felt that for once Tucker put her before Ashley,” Griffith explains. “Audra is never insecure but she’s not a very trusting person, especially when it comes to Tucker and their past.”

However, the next morning, Audra is still sleeping when Tucker awakes and checks his phone for any text messages or voicemails from Ashley. He frowns when he determines that there is no communication from her and he flashes back to their disturbing encounter from the night before. Tucker then gets dressed, writes a short note, leaves it next to Audra, and quietly slips out of the suite. She wakes up and reads the note, which indicates that he’ll be back shortly — but omits any info about where he’ll be.

When Tucker returns, Audra asks where he’s been and he answers that he was running an important errand. Griffith shares, “Audra takes Tucker at his word and refuses to give in to her first impulse of accusing him of running off to see Ashley.”

Even though it’s the morning and the jazz lounge isn’t open, Tucker then escorts Audra to an unexpected interlude. “Audra knows that Tucker isn’t the most romantic guy so she is very impressed with his efforts for the romantic setup,” says Griffith. “At this point, she is more focused on Tucker and what he has up his sleeve rather than Ashley.”

After Tucker makes a toast to Audra, he asks her to marry him. “Audra is completely stunned by Tucker’s proposal,” Griffith asserts. “However, she is able to maintain perspective that this is a huge shift in their relationship. As we know, Audra likes to remain in complete control and how she responds to Tucker’s proposal will be no different.”