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Exclusive Preview: GENERAL HOSPITAL's Tabyana Ali (Trina) On "Sprina's" Fate


ABC/Eric McCandless

Breakup To Makeup: Spencer (Chavez) charms his way back into Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) good graces.

Last week was a tense one for young lovebirds Trina and Spencer, as their divide over Spencer’s devotion to little Ace  — and by extension, Ace’s mother, Esme — widened. But Tabyana Ali (Trina) reveals that as next week gets underway, things are looking up for the duo (and their anxious fans)!

It all begins when Trina opens the door to her dorm room and learns that Spencer has camped out in the hallway all night, determined to make things right with her. “Internally, she is probably really happy to see him,” Ali says. “I think anybody gets happy to see somebody that they’re still in love with! But externally, you know, there’s conflict that they’re dealing with at the moment and I don’t think she’s going to put her feelings aside just because she loves him. She still wants to stand her ground and put her truth out there.”

Inside her room, Spencer is quick to apologize for their earlier argument. “He’s saying all the right things,” Ali notes. “But I think her thing is, ‘Is he saying it because he believes it or is he saying it to get back in her good graces?’ That is what Trina is trying to get down to the bottom of. She wants to get to the root of that. She doesn’t want him to just be saying it just to say it! She wants him to actually believe it and feel it and really understand it himself. And I think he does a good job of conveying that he does believe it himself and he is seeing what she is talking about,” particularly when it comes to her feeling like he prioritizes Ace (and Esme, to a certain extent) over her. “You know, she walked out on Spencer when he found out that Esme was going to be leaving the apartment and he was so upset. I think when he saw her leave, and then when he realized that she wasn’t going to talk to him until he understood how this affected her, it made him realize how important she is to him. And I think it just dawned on him, like, ‘Oh, she’s serious and this is really affecting our relationship.’ I think he would have done anything to fix that problem.”

Spencer’s reassuring words melt Trina’s heart, and when he promises her that he can accept that Ace is his brother and not his son, she takes him at his word — mostly. Muses Ali, “I think there’s a bit of trust that she wants to have with Spencer and I think this little [episode of discord] was enough for her to say, ‘Okay, I’m gonna trust you on what you’re saying.’ But I feel like it might still be somewhere in her mind. When something like this happens and it’s not a one-time thing and it is kind of repetitive and it’s something that has been talked about for a very long time…. I think the idea of this coming back up [as a problem between them] is not just gonna vanish for Trina. But for now, for her it’s like, ‘Okay, we’ve talked about it. I’m going to trust you that things are going to change. But is that feeling [that his attachment to Ace will be hard for him to manage] entirely gone? Probably not.”