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Exclusive: Katherine Kelly Lang Previews BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL's Special Episode!

Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye

Howard Wise/

Some Enchanted Evening: Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) make time for romance — and nostalgia.

B&B is slated to take a “Bridge”-centric walk down memory lane with a stand-alone, flashback-filled episode that will air on Wednesday, November 22.

“There are going to be a lot of flashbacks all throughout it,” begins Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), who also shot some original scenes for the episode. “Brooke and Ridge are having a dinner, a very nice, romantic dinner to reconnect and just spend time together, and we have all these flashbacks during the evening. It was fun to do!”

As longtime fans know, Brooke and Ridge’s romance kicked off back in 1987, the same year the show premiered, with Ridge’s original portrayer, Ronn Moss, working opposite Lang until he left in 2012; Thorsten Kaye assumed the role in 2013. So, the powers-that-be at B&B had to get creative to showcase the earlier part of their history. “The flashbacks go back to even before Thorsten was there,” Lang notes, “and they show the scenes with me to kind of bring back our [early] history. For example, the [1994] wedding where I rode down on the horse, I think they’ll show me riding, but then they don’t show Ridge. And then when Thorsten finally took over, then they’ll start showing clips of us in certain situations.”

Given the longevity of the Brooke/Ridge love story, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Lang posits that the coupling has endured for so long because of “[B&B Creator] Bill Bell’s original script and the idea of the characters and where both characters were going to go. He had a vision from the very beginning and he set it up really well — Brooke being the girl from the other side of the tracks, very young and coming out of high school and then, of course, meeting the man that lives on the rich side of it, in Beverly Hills, who’s grown up very differently than she has. It’s just that great, old-fashioned love story. They fall in love and it’s just been endless ups and downs through the years, but still destiny.”

The episode will help set the stage for Kaye’s upcoming 10th anniversary at B&B, which he’ll hit on December 13. “It’s crazy,” says Lang of the imminent milestone. Asked to sum up a decade of working opposite Kaye, she muses, “It’s been a lot of laughs, a lot of fun. He is really great to work with. He’s such a great actor and such a great friend and such a sweet gentleman. He’s just wonderful! He’s got a good sense of humor and there are days where he’s more serious, but he comes in, he says hello to all the crew — he’s made friends with all the crew and, of course, the cast. He’s very good at going around and saying hello and to everybody, every day, all the time. I really admire that about him. And just getting to work with him, we just kind of play off of each other; we see what we’re going to do and then we rehearse together and then it all comes together. He’s just very easy to work with.”