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Exclusive GENERAL HOSPITAL Preview: Big Trouble For Josslyn And Dex

Evan Hofer-Eden McCoy


Over Time? Josslyn (Eden McCoy) reconsiders her relationship with Dex (Evan Hofer).

Josslyn and Dex have been in a pickle about how to proceed as a couple in light of Sonny’s demand that he leave town — something Joss is determined to stop him from doing. Notes Eden McCoy (Josslyn), “She doesn’t want Sonny to have any control over her life, and she doesn’t like that he has control and can take Dex away from her. She wants Dex to be his own person and make his own calls. She loves Dex, and she hates Sonny getting in the way of that.”

The duo’s intense conversation about the matter is interrupted by a surprise visit from Nina, who spills that she caught Dex in Cyrus’s hospital room, clearly up to no good. The revelation has a huge impact on Joss. “Obviously, she hates that it’s Nina that’s telling her all of this stuff,” McCoy observes. “It just adds another layer of frustration and hurt and betrayal and all of those things.”

Once the pair is alone, Joss presses Dex to explain what Nina saw, and Dex admits that he was in Cyrus’s hospital room to kill him on orders from Sonny. Worse yet, in Josslyn’s estimation, is Dex revealing that it wasn’t his conscience that stopped him from doing the deed, but rather an intervention by Sonny.”Obviously, Joss knows that he’s killed people before and that he does shady things for Sonny,” McCoy notes. “But I think what’s different about this situation, and what pushes her over the edge, is that it wasn’t, like, a self-defense situation. It wasn’t at a shoot-out. He wasn’t protecting Sonny. Cyrus wasn’t doing anything! And I think that really scares her, to see him in the light of voluntarily killing someone in their sleep. That is very different from, like, shooting someone that’s shooting at Sonny. She is just in shock, like she can’t actually believe it.”

As Joss reels from this new information, it makes her question how well she really knows Dex, and whether they have a future together — and she decides to walk away from him, possibly for good. “She tells him, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ and she leaves,” McCoy reports. “It’s pretty gnarly, that’s for sure. It escalates rather quickly.”

Devastated, Joss seeks comfort from Trina. “Essentially, Joss tells Trina, ‘I can’t be with someone who can make that decision,’ ” McCoy explains. Sonny’s role in the debacle is also heavy on her mind. “Josslyn wants to cut ties with Sonny’s world, but I don’t think she thinks she ever really can,” the actress muses. “She wants to, but he’s in her life, he’s in Carly’s life, he’s in everyone’s life! And I think she is just heartbroken over the fact that Sonny took something else away from her, and she’s heartbroken over the fact that she can’t convince Dex not to have done [what he did]. She wants him to be something different. That’s the point; she wants him to have never considered doing  that, and she realizes that she can’t. He’s his own person and he’s going to make his own calls and she may not agree with them — and if she doesn’t, then she has to leave.”

McCoy says that while Joss “is clearly heartbroken over this, she doesn’t really have a choice, in her eyes. I think she’s pretty confident that this is a deal-breaker for her, and she’s stubborn and she’ll probably stick to that, at least for a time. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not really upset or sad over it.”