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Exclusive DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Leo Learns The Truth!

Dan Feuerriegel, Greg Rikaart, Peter Porte


Truth Be Told: Dimitri (Peter Porte, c., with Dan Feuerriegel as EJ, l.) delivers shocking news to Leo (Greg Rikaart).

Sloan finally gets EJ to agree to let Dimitri turn himself in in exchange for setting Leo free, and she delivers the good news to Leo.

“In typical police fashion, they had been trying to get Leo to turn on Dimitri,” says Greg Rikaart (Leo). “But, for Leo, Dimitri is his ride or die, and he was unwilling to do that. So this really galvanizes Leo’s feelings for Dimitri, in that Dimitri is willing to be so selfless to sacrifice himself this way for Leo. It reinforces that they really would do anything for each other.”

Yet, at first, Leo refuses to take the deal. “He’s not happy about it, because Dimitri has given up his freedom,” notes Rikaart. “Leo is eager to figure out a solution, so this is not the end for Dimitri.”

Sloan eventually gets Leo to agree to it. “She vows to help Dimitri, represent him and get him a deal or something,” recounts Rikaart. “So Leo has hope that [Dimitri going to prison] is a temporarily problem.”

Soon, Dimitri turns himself in, and Rafe gives the two men a moment alone together. Dimitri explains that he declined an opportunity to escape to Canada, then reveals that Nicole’s baby is really alive.

“Leo feels huge amounts of relief,” according to Rikaart. “Delivering Nicole’s child really was a life-changing experience for Leo. He feels bonded and connected to the baby in a way, so this is really good news for him. But Leo’s confused as to why Dimitri didn’t go right to the hospital, as was the plan. He’s trying to gather information, but there’s not a lot of time.”

Rafe interrupts to take Dimitri to booking. Then Dimitri and Leo share a heartfelt good-bye before Dimitri is carted off to prison. “It’s very emotional,” reports Rikaart. “Leo is in the stages of grief and still in denial that this is as bad as it actually is. But Leo is resolute that this is a temporary problem that they are going to fix. He has to try and convince Dimitri of that. Whether or not he is able to remains to be seen.”

Later, Leo visits Dimitri at Statesville and presses him about Nicole and EJ’s baby not being dead. Dimitri reveals that Sloan kept the baby and is passing him off as her adoptive child. “Leo’s kind of shocked,” says Rikaart. “He thinks the whole thing is pretty absurd and he’s not happy about it. Then he sees it as a potential good thing. It could make Sloan indebted to Leo and Dimitri, and really help Dimitri, which is top on Leo’s priority list.”

Dimitri suggests Leo use this information to blackmail Sloan, but Leo feels guilty keeping the truth from Nicole and EJ. “Leo really feels for Nicole,” insists Rikaart. “He bonded with the baby, but also her, in those moments [delivering her child]. Leo’s MO is to be a troublemaker, but he’s not a bad guy, per se. This development really crosses the line for him.”

So, after he leaves Dimitri, Leo decides to track down Nicole….