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Exclusive DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Jada Puts Chad And Everett On Notice

Elia Cantu, Billy Flynn, Blake Berris


More Questions Than Answers: Jada (Elia Cantu) puts Chad (Billy Flynn, l.) and Everett (Blake Berris) in the hot seat.

Jada summons Chad and Everett to the police station, where she fills them in about the attempt on Lucas’s life at the Brady Pub.

“Jada has to figure out who knew about Lucas’s location, because it was definitely leaked,” sets up Elia Cantu (Jada). “There’s somebody who [revealed the information].” Although Chad and Everett both knew where Lucas was hiding out, they swear they didn’t reveal it to anyone. “Jada finds it hard to believe either of them,” notes Cantu. “She certainly doesn’t believe Everett/Bobby. Anything he says, it’s like in one ear and out the other. She can’t believe anything he says anymore. He already lied to her [in the past], and she feels he’s lying now.”

As for Chad, “Jada’s kind of indifferent about him,” shrugs Cantu. “Everett’s clouding a lot of her judgment right now. Everything is so fresh between the two of them. The wound… it all just happened. She’s trying to work through this stuff, and it’s going to interfere a bit.”

Jada’s snarky demeanor toward Everett is not lost on Chad. “It’s very obvious, when Jada sees them, how she feels [about Everett],” explains Cantu. “And Chad does pick up on that.”

Everett finally explains the situation to Chad, telling him about Bobby Stein. It leads to a verbal altercation between the two men, with Chad ripping into Everett about how his fraud has hurt both Jada and Stephanie. “Jada’s not present for that,” notes Cantu. “But I’m sure she’s cheering him on. She [would be] like, ‘Go ahead. Get him!’ ”

The interrogation ends with Jada telling Chad and Everett not to leave town. “I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re suspects, but they’re definitely an integral part of the story, because they had this information [about Lucas’s whereabouts],” sums up Cantu. “And they’re two of the only ones who did. So Jada’s probably going to need to question them again.”

In the interim, the police are determined to figure out who put out the hits on Lucas and Harris and ordered the destruction of the Horton house all on the same tragic night. “They’re going to have to really compartmentalize and team up,” says Cantu. “This is going to show Rafe, Jada and the Salem PD’s ability to work together simultaneously on these big cases. Clyde is definitely at top of their radar. He’s definitely a prime suspect, but he’s working with someone, because how is he doing all this [from behind bars]? So there’s a lot of connecting the dots [that needs to be done].”