In the new Soap Opera Digest, on sale tomorrow, DAYS’s Billy Flynn (Chad) and Kate Mansi (Abigail) preview Chad and Abigail’s wedding — which starts on Friday — and the role Ben will play in their big day. “Abigail is trying to keep her mind focused on all of the good things in her life,” says Mansi. “It’s scary for Abigail to start thinking about Ben again. I think the trauma of what happened to Abigail is still so raw that she’s not really able to fully comprehend it yet. So at this point, Abigail is like an athlete who just wants to reach the finish line. She’s excited and nervous. Once Chad and Abigail officially marry, Abigail will give herself a minute to take it all in.” Flynn adds, “Chad is trying to keep everything together for himself and Abigail. He’s holding on to the hope that if he can just get past this moment, then everything will be fine. Chad wants the wedding to be perfect.” For more about the “Chabby’s” nups and the exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop about the dress, the vows, and the wedding guests, check out Digest, on sale tomorrow.